We are destroying rainforests so quickly they may be gone in 100 years: Do you think deforestation is dangerous?

  • Yes, deforestation is a very big problem.

    Trees take in the CO2 we breathe out and produce oxygen instead. Without trees, this process would not happen and there would be a lack of oxygen for us to breathe in. Many people have asthma: 1 in 12 people suffered from it in 2009 and the number continues to rise now. If we are reducing the amount of oxygen in the air then aren't we just making people suffer?

  • We need rain forests to maintain a healthy Earth.

    Rainforest produce a lot of the oxygen that we breathe along with absorb a large amount of CO2, which slows global warming. Destroying rainforests will increase the rate of global warming and could theoretically lead to a shortage of air. Plus, many tribes live in rainforests around the Earth, we shouldn't force them from their land. We need to protect the rainforests for many reasons.

  • Yes, it is incredibly diverse.

    The rainforest is the most biological diverse biome on the planet we call Earth. It is home to an abundance of organisms that depend on it for food, shelter, etc., if we destroy it, we will inevitably lead numerous species into extinction which disrupts large ecosystems which in turn leads other species into extinction. The biosphere of Earth will be severly damaged if we remove the ecosystem

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is very true. I strongly believe that deforestation is dangerous. This is simply because the trees that are cut down for people's selfish interests are the ones responsible for maintaining the climatic conditions. We all know that they bring rain. Therefore, we are advised to plant two trees every time we cut one.

  • Yes deforestation is dangerous to the planet

    As farmers cut forests in order to have more space for crops and grazing livestock the result is the loss of loss of habitat for millions of species and many will not survive the loss of their homes. The trees being cut down are also critical for absorbing the greenhouse gases that fuel global warming.

  • There is an ecosystem.

    It is dangerous to destroy the rainforests, because we don't know what valuable things are in the rainforests that we might want later. There might be new medicines waiting in the natural things that live there. If we destroy these raw materials, we might be getting rid of what could solve an epidemic.

  • Deforestation is not dangerous

    Deforestation is not dangerous. Who cares if the rainforest is being obliterated? Besides the fact that there are now clear areas, what is the real impact on the world? None, nothing, zilch, nada. This issue is merely a political narrative and one only follow the money for the real purpose.

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