• It is the oppression Olympics.

    People are turning it into who is the most 'oppressed' so they can get attention. The more of these you are, the more 'oppressed' you are, gay, black, Islamic, trans, woman. It is pathetic that people are being grouped like this. It is a competition to see who can be the most offended and cause the most 'change'.

  • It's time to stop coddling people.

    Whether you say that women aren't oppressed anymore, or you say that transgender women aren't actually women and that transgender men aren't actually men, you're bound to get the same reaction. As a society, we need to stop being so politically correct. We are delaying progress, and it needs to stop.

  • More empathy is needed

    Unless you actually 'are' that person, how would you know 'what it's like to be them' or 'how badly it affects them'?
    I'd much rather have people talking and listening and respecting each other more, than the fighting and possibly murders, when people disagree.
    More empathy and sensitivity, and *hugs* :)

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