We as people are driven by fear. Moving forward out of the fear of what would happen if we didn't.No?

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  • Fear of death moves everything

    In the movie " The Dark Knight Rises" was said one very good thought: "How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible without the most powerful impulse of the spirit: the fear of death."
    And it all comes to this - we strive to get better and more food, because we fear to die of starvation or poisoning; we get a shelter - because we fear to die of outdoor threats; we use medical treatments because we are afraid to die of sickness.

  • It would seem so...

    Parents, independent parents, employees, company owners, dream chasers. All of us have fears that push us to the next stage in life, that keeps us focused and to never forget why we are doing it. Some may have children to look after and if they fail they can not feed them, others may their jobs on the line, fear of being fired and now having to find a new source of money. Yes as human we all have goals, we want and we strive for them, meaning we are afraid to fail because we want it so bad. We are afraid it's just for us as individuals to except it. >;]

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