We can make debate dot org care about their website by breaking their rules

Asked by: pisspoop96
  • Higher ups put no care into the website, We have to force their hand

    My fellow debate dot org-ers, The legacy of cumfart69 will continue. We need to demand change and the only way to do that is to make our voices known.

    We want debate dot org to be adequately moderated. We want the bots spamming to be banned. We want all the racists gone, We want all the death threats to stop. We want the website to be updated and care put into it.

    The only way to get this change is to demand it. We could write to the debate dot org higher-ups, But we don't EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE? Shadow moderators hide in the dark and only come out when they are pushed to the absolute limit. They need to care more about their website.

    We need to force their hand and break the TOS over and over again. When moderators are forced to moderate then they will eventually see all the vile things that have existed on this website for years and they may remove it. If they are constantly called to the website then we may get some decent moderation and maybe even some updated features as more attention is given to the website. I am calling on all debate dot org-ers who care about the state of this website, This is your time for action.

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Angiex0 says2021-05-12T23:02:33.863
Have you volunteered to help? Or do you just want them to provide a free website to you work more time and effort put into it for free?

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