• I am DB2

    I am DB2 and Star Lord 616 is my father. You allowed Jamal to drive us off and we wanted revenge like a normal person so we helped BLM destroy your home and YOU DESERVE IT! I got to shave Jamal bald and he seems to like it. Well anyway if you excuse me, I want to confront the Joker before the sun goes down.

  • We were simply returning the favor

    Hey hot lady. Looked like you had a fun day at the beach yesterday. You roasted us hard and then you claimed false victory before running to the beach so we proved you wrong. We broke into your house and robbed everything and we donated it to goodwill and we did not forget to light it on fire so your house is in ashes right now and right you, Ashes serve a bigger purpose in the circle of life than you! C'mon, This lady is racist and homophobic and then she calls herself bisexual in order to get out of trouble. WE SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES LADY SO CONFESS IT!

    P. S. We also kidnapped your son and we demand a $500, 000 ransom in cash. Star lord 616 did a fine job helping us destroy your home.

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