We have a moral obligation to interfere in the war in Syria

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  • A tangle of webs

    It's a rabbit hole. Too many factions on more than one side. A perfect example would be the Napoleonic wars. If you look at the the alliances they had and the countries, it was a mess; you uneasy alliances with certain factions attacking or defending on certain conditions. It's no different from the event today.

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kirank says2016-01-21T22:33:17.407
I'm from England so I don't think that England should interfere with Syria but we are because now the politicians have decided to bomb Islamic State even thought no one has an exact location on where the IS is so that is really stupid. So I'm not american but I don't think any country should interfere if they have not been attacked themselves.Also I don't know if this is true or not but apparently the USA is supplying IS with the warfare, which they are using to cause terrorism.