We have never had an independent as president. Is it time we stop with the only two political parties?

  • Independent president forever

    We need an independent president so that congress will also be independents too which means we will never have republicans or democrats in Washington again if an independent wins presidential. Only states and locals will be elected republican or democrats. Independent's job is to follow the admendents and keep America safe and strong!!

  • It's About Time

    All the politicians in D.C. Can't say what they think, can't do what's best for the country, because of the way the system is set up. It doesn't matter if the solution is in-between left and right; you have to be one, or you will lose funding. There is little hope -- without an independent president, there will be no one to halt the double-edged dictatorship.

  • This system obviously needs to change

    I think everyone agrees that on both sides there are idiots. They aren't even two sides of a coin, one is just a little different tint than the other. They contradict their beliefs, with distorted viewpoints on both sides Democrats and Republicans. We need a leader than doesn't base their beliefs off of the people's needs in the party, because that's the problem. Even if a congressman doesn't agree with something, they have to act like they do, in order to stay in office. It's a minor dictatorship, wanting the power and position, over their actual duties.

  • Definitely! We need more parties

    We need other opinions other than the usual arguments between republicans and democrats. Politicians also focus to much on what their party may want that they refuse to meet the needs of the people that elected them. Also there needs to be more viable options other than a republican or democrat an independent candidate can open the doors to more media coverage of third parties.

  • Yes, it is time for more than two political parties to run for the presidency.

    More competition is always good. More options for the voters is always good. Add to that: Democrats have moved WAY too far left and Republicans have moved WAY too far right, leaving no moderate candidates in the middle. I don't think either party is going to "stop" anytime soon, but it is definitely time to add another moderate-leaning party.

  • We need more parties

    We need more parties. This is because we need more independent people running for president, people that don't have the scars that the Republicans and Democrats do. Running as an independent brings variety and good ideas to the electorate -- ideas we might not have if we only let two groups run.

  • To get rid of big money

    It may be the only way to start rooting big money out of politics is to vote an independent in. All campaign funding and publicity is focused solely on the Dems and Reps and the thought of an independent party winning is a novelty at best and they are shadowed. All money should go into a pool and whoever is running gets an equal cut to campaign with.

  • An independent president could be a beneficial change

    I believe there is enough disenfranchisement with the current two main political parties that a president from an independent party may make a refreshing difference. Society seems to be moving increasingly toward independent candidates along with the changing infrastructure of politics. This changing infrastructure is needed to meet the current needs of our nation. I think an independent candidate can pull needed factors from various sides and be more capable of making a beneficial difference than perhaps a candidate from a traditional party.

  • It would, unfortunately, ruin the vote.

    While an indépendant president could do amazing things for the country that truly needs a moderate (if I got my way, socially somewhat left and fiscally far right) by including an independent in the race you introduce the risk of handing the election to one political party. No one is truly moderate, so this independent would have some political slant. Let's say this independent is slightly left-leaning, as most of the people on the other side seem to be a bit to the left.

    This left leaning independent would split the Democrat vote between the Democrat candidate and the independent. Because the Democrat vote would be split (it's unlikely enough democrats would select either the Democratic party or the independent, there would almost certainly be a split) the election would be handed to the Republicans. If this independent were able to attract enough voters from each party to win the election, he/she would have to be extremely moderate (almost impossibly moderate). This would inevitably cause problems, as maintaining a moderate government is nearly impossible and any political slant on any issue would cause massive unrest and division among the people.

    This is why Libertarians generally are satisfied to vote Republican and many Libertarians attempt to gain the Republican nomination. Since most Libertarians are somewhat right leaning, though not as far as your average non-libertarian Republican and not on as many issues, they are satisfied with the Republican party as their dominant representation, knowing the introduction of the Libertarian party as a serious contender for the presidency would cause far too much division in the votes and hand the election off to the opposition.

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