• Honestly I don't mind BUT

    The mom and son should agree not to breed babies and also both have to be adult to do sexual activity.

    What I realize that people should I don't know not interfere couples romantic life because couples secretly closed their doors and commit the "Taboo". Why bust their door in and put your morale police hat on. Seriously everyone stand grey area.

    Lastly If son or mom started to have downfall then they probably split up and move on into different direction just like having boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Donald Trump is Incest Baby

    Donald trump is is is is i ssi incest baby, No joke
    Biden told me, He was bred on mars, To be super horse man from incest, Trump is a horse person, No joke, Tellign truth i love trump and biden, He would never lie to me ok thanks

  • Of course so!

    Of course they need to have more children, Right? I mean, Maybe some people would be better off if others were inbred. Like, Rich and smart people like Donald Trump and Joe Biden should only breed within their gene pool to have more children and keep the intelligence in their body

  • My mom hot

    Hello i am an albanian from alabama and i belive woman mom is a woman and shood be bres by all even son. This is my humble op onion for al those who cair, Thanks you lawl for readong my point of view. I nedd more words to fill argument

  • Yes we do

    Moms and sons already have a super shaky relationship they need to change things up and start having some sex and then start taking care of a child together so they can build a relationship with both themselves and the new child in the family. It’s not as bad as you guys think if you’re open minded!

  • No, We don't need more. If any.

    I see some of these ideas are coming from, But in reality, We must learn to love via other ways than sex. A mother's child should stay as that, A child. Not a lover nor partner but as her gift she and her man created. Despite incest bringing a very kinky title to the porn industry, I don't believe it should go on. Trust me, Its hard to sometimes to imagine another woman loving me more or just as much as my own mother. I used to wonder what it would be like for a son to marry his mother. I thought it would amazing. I never attempted nor promoted such thoughts because reality called and showed that i was only dreaming a dream. Its not as right as we might think it would be. So don't do it. Its hard for a lot of us who THINK it will be for the best, But that's dead wrong. Just love as a family. Thats all

  • No that is messed up

    Why would you want that. Incest babies are genetic failures and if all babies were from incest we would destroy the whole species. Thats science fact for you weirdos in the yes side with no brain, Son should go out and find a woman hes not related to and do the se x and have baby like a nomral person.

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