• Yes we do!

    I think we need stricter gun control...I didn't say we should ban guns so all those gun addicts freaking out, it won't kill the 2nd amendment. It will just make it harder for criminals to obtain the guns. I think the government should do stronger background checks and only people with clean criminal background should be able to have it.

  • Gun control is bad

    I think reasonable regulations should be placed to keep guns away from criminals but we should not try to ban so called assault weapons because it would criminalize law abiding Americans and take away a very useful form of self defense also if we did ban assault weapons the black market for them would increase

  • Guns are too dangerous to be taken lightly.

    First of all, for those people who say that "people kill people, not guns", I say: Exactly, and that is why some people should be kept away from these objects that make the task easier.

    Gun control does not mean that guns would be banned from everyone. It means that people who are mentally unstable or have a criminal backround couldn't get their hands on guns so easily. It also would be a good idea to make sure that people have the knowledge and skill to handle and store their weapons safely, for the sake of preventing accidents.

    If you are just a regular, healthy person, you shouldn't have any problem with getting a gun even if it was controlled.

  • Irrelivant because of the second amendment

    You can't take away law abiding american citizens guns because of a few loony bins. We need a better mental health care system. Jesus Christ, why is this even an argument? Nobody is in a rage about banning cars. Wow, just...Wow. Frickin' stupid. Seriously, leave gun owners be. Dumbass liberals.

  • Flourishing countries have unlimited gun rights

    Our freedom is what matters here. Gun rights are the fundamental rights of a society, and a militia of citizens too, should a tyranical gov't try to take over. Every man (tomboy too) should have a gun in their house, to defend their family, and for other fun stuff (like target practice or hunting too, which should never be banned to please environmentalist lobbyists).

    In countries where gun control has been strong, there has also been the highest instances of violence.

  • 2nd Amendment and our freedom.

    First of all, we shouldn't have more strict of gun control. If we take away guns, or limit how we can have them, we aren't safe. "Bad people" are going to get guns even if you ban them. Also, how are we supposed to protect ourselves against criminals, against governments, against other countries? Especially against other countries, as in this quote by Admiral Yamamoto, in the Japanese army, "You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."

    Posted by: z1

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DATXDUDE says2015-09-07T00:18:59.357
No, no we really don't.