We Need To ban Appropriate clothing and hair style from school

Asked by: bokdorri
  • We must ban the school from making our hair be like this and our clothes be like this....

    First of all, kids going to middle school, some kids want there hair, normal, and some kids just want to use causual clothings in there style. But some schools make us be clothe slaves and hair which is that we do not have any other things wrong than slave that works

  • We need to keep uniforms, but our hair should be the way we want...

    School uniforms support the fact that pupils are not late; they might take ages choosing clothes to wear if uniform wasn't present. Also, so they don't go out spending loads of money on clothes and shoes, and all the kids that cant afford it will have to be around kids that can, making them feel left out. But, hair should be left out of it. I don't see why our hair should be a certain way, it just confuses me.

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