We regret the commercialization of childhood in the developed world

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  • Difference between needs and wants

    Customers (parents and children) will be coerced to make an informed choice, For, In this situation, They are being “lied” to, And will make decisions on the fake advertisements of products that they have seen
    Model on what commercialization is, How it is bad, What types of products are relevant and what products are not
    Harmful to customers: children are not mature in decision-making skills, They do not fully understand the value of money - when they see a product they think they want after seeing the advertisement, They will demand their parents to buy the product for them
    Children do not see the full picture of the situation, They do not see the full story; they will only be able to see the side that they are being shown, The flashy and cool advertisements, And that will be their only opinion. They will then “force” their parents to buy the product for them because:
    Jealousy, Peer pressure - their other friends will also be coerced by the advertisements and the commercialization, They will have the product, But the child will not. The child will then feel jealous and anger towards their parents, And will also feel pressured into buying the product to fit in with their friends.
    Easy, Short term solution for a child’s happiness - they cannot think long-term, Not mature enough, Will only want things that can provide them immediate pleasure and happiness
    Commercialization of childhood just for the purpose of earning money is immoral and unjust, For it is not right to target children and exploit their immaturity, As well as the fact that they will not deeply consider the consequences or the effects of buying this toy, Going to watch this movie, Or buying this junk food, Etc. On the other hand, Adults are more mature in decision-making skills and are more able to think long-term and be able to make sensible decisions. Because of this, Companies and advertisements might choose to target children instead of parents for they know that children will be able to influence their parents into buying the product for them
    Also harmful to children through sexualization
    Barbie dolls
    Disney movies (Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Mermaid, Snow White, Etc)
    Even in wonder woman (all the women wear very little clothing)

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