• Exams Do Harm Than Good!

    Exams are waste of time and doesn't help kids be successful! Nobody have time to study for that! We have time to have fun and socialize! If we take away the exams. School would be much better and kids can get good grades without the fear of exams forever once!

  • And what do they measure?

    Break it down to the basics. An 'exam' in the modern-day connotation is a written (or online) test which measures one's ability to comprehend and reflect a single mindset. Essentially, a student is attempting to interpret -one- philosophical interpretation on a matter, rather than multiple. Even in the ambiguous field of science, theory wavers, and results are interpreted on a person to person basis. So an exam (at least modern exams), frankly, is a method to measure one's ability to conform to social standards, not to measure their worth or intellect in present reality.

    If there is one thing this world has taught me is that intellect is, by no means, a competitive deed. Humanity has only ever expanded in the presence of cooperation. People delude themselves to believe that the element of the matter is competition, when it is merely a side-effect of it. Worth in an individual cannot be measured by any written test, no matter how many variables are present and accounted for.

  • The best form of assessment

    Exams are without doubt the most rigorous and appropriate form of assessment there is. They only people that complain about exams are the students that can't handle them. They come out with common claims. 1) It's only assesses your performance for that 1 hour and this creates pressure which hampers performance. News flash, large parts of your professional life will be determined by how you perform at specific points under pressure, being able to cope with that is a key professional and life skill. 2) They test memory and not knowledge - well semi true if it's a multiple choice exam however if its an essay it requires you to extract key parts of a massive discipline to answer a specific question in a short time frame, this is definitely a test of knowledge. 3) If assessments were easy they would be pointless, degrees would be worthless if everyone passed because of easy multiple choice exams/essays. Exams, specifically essay based exams are vital. The only people that say otherwise are the people who aren't competent enough to deal them with.

  • Two sides to this

    At times I feel as though exams are the biggest pain in the behind but actually i believe that they help students in a way. If it weren't for exams students would never learn how to take some time to actually sit down without their phone and social media and study. The other side to this is that although exams helped us learn our study methods i do not believe that exams should define who we are because some people just are not good test takers (such as myself even though I've taken so many) However exams such as the SATS MCAS and ACTS to get a score into college is not right because it is not teaching us anything we are just using the testing methods we've learned in order to help us pass...

  • Test is best method to make student study themselves.

    Of course, it is stressful and encourage student to compete each other. But one thing we should know is test is good method to make student study themselves, which is perfectly what American education want to make. And test gives student opportunity to think logically. Without it, only left thing would be teacher's lecture what other people have thought, not myself.

  • There is no reason to ban tests.

    The reason we have tests in the first place is so that the teachers know we're ready to take on the STAAR test, which is the biggest exam you'll ever face. If you pass the STAAR, you'll be ready to graduate to the next grade. If you are against tests/exams, challenge me to a debate on the topic.

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