We should ban parents from smacking their children.

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  • Currently, parents can hit their children under the guise of "reasonable chastisement".

    Only an outright ban on smacking will enhance child protection. A total ban enables child protection workers to give the parents of children at risk of abuse a clear message that no level of corporal punishment is acceptable. A parent who still continues to smack their child would no longer be able to hide behind the defense of "reasonable chastisement". Also, children should receive the same legal protection from violence as adults. It is wrong that parents can deliberately inflict pain to the extent that if inflicted on an adult it would justify prosecution. As well as causing physical pain there are lasting psychological effects. It is widely recognized that smacking undermines children's confidence, weakens their emotional relationships and encourages the use of violence of resolve disputes with siblings and classmates.

  • Think what we are doing to our younger generation.

    You see, There's lots of other ways to punish children, But why does it have to be through smacking? Many parents hide under restrictions, Saying it's not abuse even if it is, Or the child thinks it is. And it's not what we think, It's what the child thinks that really effects the situation. Because they are the ones we are talking about.

  • Smacking children is a form of abuse

    Technically, smacking children can easily be considered a form of abuse; both psychologically and physically. It is far too easy to cross that fine line between a gentle punishment or reminder, to a form of quite possibly dangerous violence\abuse. In the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child, article 19 clearly states that all parties should take appropriate measures to prevent, among other things, all injury or abuse children are exposed to, as the result of parents, among the rest of the world. Is parents smacking their kids uncomfortably close to violating, or at least scraping the edge of that statement?

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  • Smacking your child does not help them understand what they're doing is wrong

    My brother and his wife smack their 3 year old son when he hits them or does something he was told not to do and it doesn't do anything. He still does the same thing. They're only children they don't know any better because they might not understand what you're telling them. Smacking them is just a coward move people choose to do rather than dealing with the issue in a more effective way. It's our job to teach our children to learn good things and through smacking, light or hard, it will never work.

  • The fact that people are actually voting 'no' sickens me and makes me worry about the health of their children.

    Smacking is a form of punishment, and your lying to yourself if you don't characterise it as abusive. Because that's exactly what it is, it's abuse. I was smacked when I was younger as a form of punishment, and I can no longer stand the people in my family who either performed such punishments or condoned it. Although I recognize that some parents believe that this actually works and do it just for punishment, it is proven and quite easily noticeable that it is not effective, mostly because you see it sometimes if you are one of those people that says "I was smacked and I turned out fine" you probably also hit your kids or plan on it, and if you don't, you at least condone it which is awful.

    A lot of people also think that smacking children is fine because it makes your child fear doing bad deeds and therefore stops them from doing it. Really? Some of you just shouldn't have kids. You want to make your child fear the act? Job well done, but they'll also fear you, which is disgusting. You should love your child with your entire being and not have any desire at all to make them fear you.

    This leads me on to my next and final point, people who smack their kids, who do it as a form of punishment, enjoy making their kids fear them because it gives them power. Obviously making people fear you makes you feel powerful, but a young child who doesn't yet understand this big scary world and your first response to them breaking something or yelling is to smack them? Wow, A+ parenting. You have great control over your inferiority complex.

  • I think it encourages the use of violence

    Sure, it might only be a light smack or whatever, but it entertains the idea that violence is okay, which I'd argue it never is. I also think, if a child does something wrong, smacking them shows them their action was wrong but it does not give them an UNDERSTANDING of WHY it was wrong, something which is vital. There's never only one solution to punishment, there are always other more moral options.

  • No more smacking!!!!

    I agree that we should ban parents to smack their children because it is just wrong. Some parents are smacking their children because when they were little they got smack. Well if they did and they are doing it now it isn't right. Who likes getting smacked??? I know I don't. I would say maybe a light smack on they butt, but other wise..... DON'T ALLOW IT!!!

  • I think a ban is necessary.

    Smacking your child is an awful thing to do. It's immoral, inhumane and just plain wrong. I'm shocked that the majority of parents around the world just can't see this. Surely there must be other ways to discipline your child. Many children have experienced both emotional trauma and horrific physical abuse from their parents. It's no secret that many parents believe that they have total control over their children, that they have no rights whatsoever whilst living under their household. Children look up to their parents as role-models, what example are parents setting their children? Unless a ban is put in place, never-ending chains of child-beaters will continue to exist throughout generations.

  • No, Not At All

    Mild disciplinary measures are beneficial, and without it you'll end up with more juvenile delinquents. I think we can all agree that increased Juvenile Delinquency is not desirable, and thus we should not ban such disciplinary measures. Simple as that. I was spanked, and I didn't turn into a psychopathic killer.

  • Smacking is no terrible thing

    The anti smacking brigade seem to have it in their heads that being smacked is some terribly traumatic, life disturbing event. What codswallop! Kids are not made of glass.

    It's a short sharp shock, over in seconds. The play fights kids have hurt more. Falling and scraping your skin on the ground hurts more. Being stung by a bee hurts a lot more.

    Unless you were seriously beaten - which is abuse, not smacking - I doubt that most of us remember the smacks with anything like a shudder of horror (unlike the memory of slicing into my finger when cutting veg, which still goes though me)

    Psychological bullying, on the other hand, stays with you and screws up your confidence for life. As is usually the case, the wooly minded brigade are focused on trivial things and ignoring the serious issues.

  • Banning anything to restrict personal or political freedom will make any nation and its people go into a totalitarian or police state.

    I am a student in high school, and as a child my parents hit me if I was not following the rules of society or moral rules. This made me smarter and more kind to other people. Parents who don't discipline their children often have children who break the law or harm other people. If no one force the children to get discipline there would be not law in society.

  • We should not ban smacking at all

    We should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at allWe should not ban smacking at all

  • Hi every body

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  • Preventing the sense of entitlement

    Nothing does more to dissolve the "sense of entitlement" than the knowledge that yes, you can get your comeuppance if you behave like a git, screaming and shouting all the time.

    People act as if the tiny little smack children get is some terrible, traumatic experience - codswallop. The pain goes away in seconds, I hurt myself loads more as a kid by falling and scraping my hands on gravel., or falling and breaking my arm on a step.

    People - children included - are robust, not made of glass. Those of us who were smacked generally still loved our parents as kids, we weren't afraid to run up to them, hug them, or play energetically. We were just a bit scared when we'd done something wrong - and isn't that necessary? The idea that people behave themselves purely for positive reasons is a wooly minded fallacy, we're all tempted to do bad things from time to time.

  • Smacking is not harmful at all

    Smacking is only harmful to children when it is outside the context of a stable, loving and communicative home. But in such "bad homes" a laiseez fair attitude also leads to long term psychological problems from feelings of being ignored, the lack of social skills from parental interaction and a lack of firm boundaries for acceptable behavior.

  • Well no, but I am not for it.

    Parents should be able to do whatever they want with their children so I guess I have no say in it, However if a parent was to take advice from me, I don't think it is a very good idea. If you want to brainwash your child into thinking violence is okay, go straight ahead, like I care what happens your child. YOUR LOSS BABY!

  • You cannot restrict things like this

    When the Government begins to invade the everyday actions of the people, then we have a real problem. Soon, there will be no such thing as freedom. Our entire lives will be regulated.
    I don't even support smacking children. But the isue is not whether smaking is harmful or beneficial. The issue is that if a parent feels like smacking is appropriate, then it is not anyone's business to intervene. It becomes dangerous when our lives are controlled by people who have no right to control.

  • Hitting children : Wrong. Creating legislation to ban it: useless and even dangerious

    The banning of social habits is a very tricky thing to do, in this situation any parent that thinks it is okay to hit children repeatedly(for purported wrongdoings) must be living in a culture where that is considered okay and in that parents eyes it causes no harm, while this is scientifically false (and psychologically, if my teachers hit me I would just resent them and maybe start smacking other people because its now acceptable human behaviour) if a behaviour (that causes harm) is banned people will find other ways of causing harm, psychologically and otherwise because they still consider themselves RIGHT.

    Creating bans on a small-scale perhaps but even then people can use the laws to enact vendettas, a judge only has second-hand information in most cases because he did not witness the crime. A father wrestling with his child is now considered "smacking", or perhaps touching their child is not allowed now. The fact that people think banning any kind of human behaviour is sickening and a threat to personal liberty . People need kindness and awareness, not coercion and control to change their behaviour in a long-lasting way.

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