• Okay grandpa you’re up

    Let’s ban smartphones for grandpa because grandpa always takes the smartphone to his wood shop and always somehow saws it in half or he takes it out in the yard and then he loses it and then somehow he’s constantly forgetting his passwords just like grandma so what does he do? He asks his grandkids!

  • It depends on the quality of the soundness of the mind and body of our elderly members of our families

    If they possess a soundness of mind and body, Through which they can find themselves wielding our smartphones for a variety of purposes, Including benefiting themselves through indulging themselves into a worthwhile cause of education or serving their fellow family members, Through these technological instruments, Then why have them banned from the hands of our grandpas?

  • That’s kind of stupid

    That is simply discrimination to the elderly and frankly, Disrespectful so no. I wouldn’t ban smartphones from elderly people because they can’t properly use them, They can learn rather than us discriminating against them. That is also just disrespectful and, Yes, Quite dumb. If you think that it’s fine to discriminate against elderly, Think again. Their generation is what gave us smartphones anyways, So why would we take that away from them?

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