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  • We are limited by our technology

    It costs billions of dollars to send a small package into space. We could send a smart nano machine that could copy itself, But we do not have the technology yet. At best they have a solar powered rover.
    You need tools to build a colony and you need workers and we can barely send 8 people to space but they have to return because they run out of food water and air. They are making machines to create air and water but they have not been perfected and they need power which is another limitation.
    The Martian movie was too unrealistic because Matt Damian would have starved during his first days because they cannot carry that much food or even leave it behind.
    I think we need 20 more years or even 40 more years to get technologically advance enough but society might collapse by them

  • I'm all for it, But. . .

    There's just no way we could make that happen in just a year. We could Begin to do it by setting up some sort of global initiative, But we're too far behind in our space travel goals for total solar colonization. It will happen, Eventually, But not this year. Give us another century or two.

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