• We Should Kill All Fat People

    They are a drain on our healthcare systems they cost our governments more money then all the expenses combined they look like whales on beaches fat gay men no just no! Sumo Wrestlers ewww fat kids those little fuckers ruin everything they are a fire hazard in theatres and schools and restaurants they deserve to be bullied into starving themselves to death they should be gassed it costs less to medically treat skinny/slim people then it does overweight/obese people aka fat bastards i have been on planes and they took up half the f***ing aisle!

  • That would be Genocide!

    Obesity can be genetic or related to an underactive thyroid gland. Just because somebody exceeds a healthy BMI doesn't mean they need to be killed! It could be genetic or related to an underactive thyroid gland. They should be counseled on how to loose weight, Not rounded up and murdered#

  • That would be bigotry and mass murder

    Just because a person can't help that he or she is fat that doesn't give the right to kill them. A life is precious whether or not the person is fat or not. Killing is people is wrong. Also, When we kill fat people we would be anhilating more that half the population so no

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