• Yeah we should

    He is a ducking liar turbo is the worst president ever we should impeach the Donald Trump the president ok and we should have to impeach Donald Trump because Donald Trump is a criminal who loves to hate everyone around the globe if Trump was impeached then of course the USA would be better without him and of course with a new president

  • We should Impeach trump

    Because he is like the absolute worst president To ever Exist to the USA because we should have to impeach him for good and if you are Against this then go f**k yourself ok ok so yeah we should have to impeach that mother f***ing trump for good ok ok

  • No please no

    Don't impeach Trump nine days before the election. Vote for Old Biden and cross your fingers that the electoral college agrees. If I were you, I would do everything it takes to support Biden's campaign since were so close to November 3rd. Impeach will help us little to none at this time.

  • You've tried before and failed.

    There's arguably worse presidents, Both Democrat and Republican, But I'm not going to say that. President Trump WAS impeached, Did you forget? And he turned out fine, Much unlike your apparent mental state. It would be easier to impeach if he has another term, And that's if he has another term. Please screw your head on straight.

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