We should make a party for Thett3. Do you agree?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Sure, why not.

    I am not really sure who Thett3 is, but I have no reason to believe that they aren't a cool guy or girl who deserves a party. Most people deserve a party, unless they are total jerks. I would hope that doesn't describe Thett3. In that case, maybe he doesn't deserve one.

  • I disagree, because I dont know who Thett3 is.

    I don't believe the meaning of the question is clear. It would make more sense to ask, "Should we throw a party for Thett3?" I personally do not know who this person is, so I research and found that Thett3 is a member of I am interested as to why this question is being asked. If Thett3 is having a birthday than sure throw her a party, but if it is just a random party for no particular reason, than I must disagree with throwing her a party. My just think you must have a particular reason for throwing a party if it is being thrown for a certain person.

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Adam2 says2013-12-13T22:17:28.513
Sorry for lack of picture. It was a mistake. :P