We should Never look down on people with disabilities, Mental or Physical, Anyone can become disabled especially as they get older,

  • Agree 100 Percent, If you must judge them, Judge them by what's inside, Don't let their disability define them, Don't think less of them,

    Let's face it, As we get older all of us are going to get health problems and become disabled, Every one of us, 100 percent of us, The older we get, The risk increases and increases, Not all disabilities and conditions are visible, Even among people who are currently healthy and non-disabled, No one is in 100 percent good Mental or Physical Health, It's like a scale of
    1 to 10 thing, Mild, Moderate or severe
    Many disabled people, People with Mental and Physical Conditions, Might be gifted in other ways that healthy "Normal" people are Not,
    I know this guy named Richard, He is around 50, He clearly has Mental illness, Doesn't work, Is always by himself, No Girlfriend, On Disability, He is a nice guy, Would never harm a fly, He didn't choose to have his Mental condition, He can't help it, It's not his fault, He is still a human being created in God's image, God Loves Him, His life can still have much purpose and meaning to himself and Society, Others,
    Richard is Thus, Not a "Loser" or "Failure" in any sense of the word, But Less Fortunate, And perhaps Richard should Not View his life as "Ruined" or "Destroyed" but simply somewhat damaged, He can still enjoy life in some ways, And when he ultimately passes away in Heaven he will be Cured of his Mental illness, Completely Cured, He will be a totally New and Improved Richard! He will look totally different, Like one of those Amazing Before and After Pictures shown on TV, He won't look Mentally ill anymore, Because he won't have Mental illness in Heaven!

  • More about Richard the man with Mental illness

    I can tell that Richard is a great human being on the inside, That he is a human being created in God's image and God Loves him.
    He can't help having Mental illness, He is thus Not a "Loser" or a "Failure" just someone who is Less Fortunate, In the Gospels
    Jesus says
    "The Last Shall be First" so while Richard may not be Very Successful or Happy in this Earthly life, When he ultimately dies and goes to Heaven, Where he won't have Mental illness or look like he has Mental illness, He will be Cured, A New and Improved Richard, A Perfect Richard, In Heaven he will be someone big and important, And have a Happy Successful Life in Heaven, Be Successful with Women, Have Girlfriends and Sex Often, Have female Companionship, That he is unable to get in this Earthly life. Since other Christians, Other Mainstream Christians think Sexual Intercourse and Lovemaking Exists in Heaven
    In this Earthly Life, We should treat people like Richard with Love, Dignity, Respect and Compassion, Just like everyone else,
    Anyone can do a Google search of the words of Jesus in the Gospels
    "The Last Shall be First" I'm Not saying
    That Richard is the Very last in this life, But Not Very Successful either, Still he is NOT a
    "Loser" or a "Failure" just less Fortunate, He can't help having Mental illness, It's beyond his control

  • More Thoughts on Richard

    Richard is a human being with feelings, And emotions, I can tell that inside he is a great person, Some articles online argue that we are all Disabled, And that everyone has a
    Disability, Those articles make good points, Do a Google search or search on the bing. Com search engine, We should Not label or
    Stigmatize people like Richard or view him as
    "Mentally ill" but as a person with
    "Mental illness" but NOT as
    "Mentally ill" we should Not Let Richard's illness define him, It is Not the True Him, It is Not the True Richard, When Richard ultimately dies and goes to Heaven, He will no longer have Mental illness, He will Not look like has Mental illness in Heaven, Because in Heaven he will be Cured of his Mental illness, Cured!
    He will be New and Improved, ! A Perfect Richard!
    In this life we should treat people like Richard with Dignity and Respect, Love and Companionship like everyone else, We should help them with their problems in life, Give them emotional support and other support, Help them with their problems,
    Sadly Richard can't get girls, Attractive women in the Neighborhood when they see Richard they should think to themselves
    "That guy probably can't get girls" and women should have Sex with him because they don't want him to feel lonely or horny,
    Not talking about Prostitution, But women in the Neighborhood should stop to think about how lonely and horny he is and have Sex with him for free
    The term "EDP" which stands for
    Emotionally Disturbed Person, The term
    EDP is extremely degrading dehumanizing offensive and stigmatizing to people with Mental illness, It labels them, And it's a horrible term, Call it something else that is less offensive, The term EDP is just plain wrong

  • I don't know why this is even a question. Nobody should EVER be looked down upon because their disabled.

    This is not an opinion. The fact that this is even debatable hurts my heart. To be treated fairly is a HUMAN RIGHT, Not an OPINION. Disabled people are humans, They just don't act like the rest of us. It's not their fault. This is just as bad as being a racist, However we didn't enslave the disabled people. They are humans and deserve to be treated just like the rest of us.

  • What If It Isn't Their Fault?

    I know that there are many disabled people that became disabled for making bad decisions (and I'm not saying we should look down upon them) but I would like to ask, What if it isn't their fault? Many disabled people are born with their disability, Sometimes, It's just the way they were born, Other times, It's because their parents made stupid choices and that affected their child. Not only that, But I would also include soldiers in war. I know many of them were willing to give their lives to defend their country, So what if something happened in the war that disabled them?

  • Even though they have disabillities, They are still humans, With a brain and heart.

    In the US alone, One in five people have disablilites. Even though they are disabled, Mentally or physically, Most disabled people can actually bring something positive, As long as they want to do the most with their lives. Some of them are great mathemathicians, Are great artists and etc. And if we meet people with disabillities for the first time we shouldn't look down on them, As once we get to know them, You will defininetly see more of their positive side.

  • We Should Respect Them, Even They Have Disabilities

    We know that they are not perfect as what we are but they have still emotions and feelings. They are living in the world in besides of their situations. They are living to prove that they can, While the other normal people thinks they can't. This was make them special.

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