• We should not have longer lunch times at school

    *Because school is for work not for lunch
    *Because if we have longer lunch breaks school has to go longer
    *Because when it's hot outside we don't want to be outside when it is so hot
    *We already have enough time at lunch to do what we need to do

  • No we should

    We should have a longer lunch break at school because some students need time to eat ok and or finish their food ok and no I think that we should have a longer lunch breaks at school ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok bye bye

  • We should have longer lunchtime at school

    School is for work, Not lunch as you said but after a few hours of studying, Test, School work we all need a break. Not only do we not get a break if there is no lunch but the teachers also don't get a break and all teachers need a break teaching, Taking care of students, And dealing with students. And if it's hot outside we can always sit in the shade talking at the benches or somewhere else under a tree or something but it is not always gonna be hot outside its gonna be cold sometimes warm or cool. Also, Some kids don't have enough time to finish there lunch or what there suppose to be doing.

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