We should try to make the United States More like Canada, The nation with the best quality of life on earth

Asked by: billsands
  • Canada Has a Higher Standard of Living compared to the US

    Based on basic needs of humans, Basis of wellbeing, And opportunities for growth, Canada has a higher standard of living than the US, And by quite some margin. The US barely even scrape it into the top 20. While I disagree with the premise that billsands is making that Canada has the second highest standard of living not the highest, And if he does have research saying that Canada do in fact have the highest standard of living or "best quality of life" using his words like he claims then it would be helpful for him to link this research however the fact of the matter is that having the second highest standard of living in the world is no small feat and is pretty impressive and when a country achieves this, Other countries with lower standards of living and quality of life like the US, Should look at the policies of Canada that has helped them achieve this ranking. Canada has consistently held this ranking as well in previous years such as 2016 as well as 2018.

    Policies such as universal access to healthcare for all and good funding of the public sector undoubtedly helps improve living standards and the lives of millions of working class people in Canada and is definitely something that the US should look at adopting. Keep in mind the US, Which is supposed to be the greatest country in the world, Only ranks 37th on the World Health Organisation rankings for healthcare systems across the world.

    I don't think Canada is perfect and I wouldn't want to destroy America's identity by changing everything about it, But America with its poor standard of living, Quality of living and healthcare quality, They should definitely consider adopting some of Canada's policies whose maintaining the welfare of its citizens far better than America is for their's

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    https://www. Businessinsider. Com/19-countries-with-the-highest-standard-of-life-according-to-the-social-progress-report-2016-6? R=UK&IR=T#4-australia-8913-there-is-a-good-reason-so-many-people-want-to-start-a-new-life-down-under-austrailia-has-fantastic-education-job-opportunities-and-a-strong-sense-of-personal-freedom-its-tolerance-and-inclusion-score-could-be-higher-though-16

    https://www. Who. Int/healthinfo/paper30. Pdf

  • Check the statistics

    I was doing some research I wanted to determine which nation had the best living conditions. There are many variables to take into consideration, It is actually a bit complicated, It is not always the nation with the highest standard of living determined by income. There is housing, Live expectancy, The cost of living, How well wealth is distributed, I mean if just a few people have all the money, What is life like for the average person or the poor, Hoe safe would such a place be? These questions and also I looked to see which nation had the most individual liberty, Which is also just more than your right to own a bazooka or scream racist epithets, Is that freedom? Not to me or most people. Canada is the better society the statistical research bears that out and we should emulate it.

  • Only someone who's never lived there would suggest something like this.

    They are a different country for a reason. Go spend some time there, Come back, And see if you think this is a good idea. They are embracing censorship and socialism at an alarming pace. Both of which are antithetical to the principles of the U. S. Constitution. Absolutely not. No.

  • People Should Have Options in Government

    The United States shouldn't be more like Canada. Canada should be like Canada and the United States should be like the United States. This way, The people who like Canada can live there and the people who like the United States can live there. Homogenizing the governments of the world is a stupid idea. People should have the freedom to decide which political climate they want to live in.

  • Canada do not exist?

    Canada doesn t exist so How can we bue like them if they don't exist? First lets review the facts:

    - they claim canada is in the nortrh but thats alsaska? Um
    - syrup doesnt actually come from trees! (-_- idiots)
    - also their flag is about a rfreaking fake plant

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