Wearing animal furs and skins: Is it acceptable to wear animal furs and skins?

  • Yeah, Fur Sure

    Wearing animals furs and skins is not for everbody, and of course those extreme activists are always going to be against it. But when you really think about it, haven't humans, as well as other animals, been doing something similar if not this exactly for millions of years? One could argue that the killing of animals for said fashion is wrong and that is completely agreeable. However, wheres the harm in utilizing what skins and furs of those animals who've passed due to natural selection. Animal skins and furs are actually more healthy for you than most fabricated materials and insulate infinitely better. One could argue that if the obtaining of the furs is appropriate, then so is the wearing. If we can kill animals to eat them we might as well make use of the rest of the body.

  • No it is not.

    At one time in the history of humans it may have not only been acceptable to wear animal fur, it was also a necessity. This is because it was the only material available to keep warm with. However, today there are many different materials around. Therefore wearing fur is archaic and cruel.

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