• Fat Spammer is back

    I am the fat spammer from mommy's basement and I'm here to say Jamal better run because the 2nd half is worst than the first so sit back, Shut up, And enjoy tonight's entertainment. I also want to personally thank cmacynsk2 for helping me stay hidden in the shadows by pretending to be me and if it weren't for him, I'd be the one laying at the bottom of the ocean so thanks cmacynsk2, RIP and let the show begin.

  • Hello it’s me jamal

    I just want to say I’m already the king of fat spammer land here which used to be debate. Org and I’m better than you cause my mommy can do anything I want her to do and I’m always naked and mommy doesn’t care. I can face you while being comfortable in my bed naked. Good luck wannabe!

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