Welfare drug testing: Is mandatory drug screening an invasion of privacy?

  • Yes. I believe mandatory drug screening for welfare is an invasion of privacy.

    Yes. I believe mandatory drug screening for welfare is an invasion of privacy, because I don't see how drug testing is relevant to receiving welfare. What is the point? Its just an attempt to get a deeper look into peoples personal lives, and collect information that will be used against them later. Drug testing is not relevant to receiving welfare at all.

  • Mandatory Welfare Drug Testing an Invasion of Privacy

    Yes, mandatory drug testing for welfare is an invasion of privacy. If a person chooses to use drugs or not, that person must still have the basic needs of living met. As such, it does not matter if the person is using drugs and to screen mandatorily is a violation of privacy.

  • A discriminatory practice

    Welfare drug testing is a discriminatory practice that violates the privacy of the already powerless and just demeans and dehumanizes them ever more. People on welfare are not doing drugs, if they are, it's a very small minority and their benefits will inevitably run out on their own. Most are just trying to get by, just like anybody else.

  • Of course they should get tested

    Free money and you do nothing to receive it? Military work their asses off, get tested, PAY taxes... Welfare is not taxed AND they do not have to get tested? Welfare is not a right. If you’re getting my hard-earned money, why do I have to pay for your drug habit. Inmates running the asylum.

  • I think that welfare drug testing is a good idea.

    I think that welfare drug testing is a good idea. I don’t think that mandatory drug screening
    is an invasion of privacy. If people
    want free money from the government, then they should be able to prove that
    they are drug free. This way we know
    that they aren’t going to spend that money on drugs.

  • Mandatory drug screening on welfare is an invasion of privacy.

    Mandatory drug screening on welfare is an invasion of privacy. I think it is wrong to drug test the welfare recipient. This is just another loophole the government can use to withdraw funding to a needing family. We should not punish an entire family just because of the actions of one member of the family.

  • Drug testing is NOT an invasion of privacy.

    How can it be legal for a company to test for a drug free work environments to earn money, yet not legal for non-working people to be tested when they receive the benefit of someone else's labor?

    Some will try to argue, there are other jobs. You don't have to work for a place like that. Well, you don't have to receive welfare either. Doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers, school bus drivers, dentists, all federal employees are just a few of the people who are required to have extensive background checks in order to make their living. Yet some people receiving welfare want to scoff at peeing in a cup? It's not as if the information is made public. I think when you are in the position to need what someone else earned, there should be certain expectations. There are too many people who legitimately need help to have people who will squander it benefit from it.

  • Let's look at the bigger picture...

    No as long as the individual's information is protected just like medical records. However, let us address the bigger question here many look at it as a way to save money it is simply a way to prevent welfare paychecks going to buying non-essential necessities such as fueling ones addiction. If you want to put it in your body go right ahead I am all for individual liberties but that is not a need that someone else need to be funding but getting to the bigger question. Does the government have to approve you for welfare even if you meet the qualifications? The answer is no they do not have to approve you. Since welfare is a government run program it is unfortunate to say that they can control a certain aspect of you to a point until it becomes unconstitutional. Thus being a simple drug screening can and is becoming a qualification in some states and others are looking to adopt it. The hardball with government run programs as they can implement certain restrictions as long as it doesn't violate your constitutional rights as an individual the most recent controversy is the Affordable care act. Many people opposed it because a big aspect of it focused on the government controlling how it is administered, what is of need, and to change the way medical decision are made and with this came qualifications that needed to be met along with restrictions because it is controlled more by the hands of our lawmakers. They soon can implemented more and more restrictions on what has to be met when being covered. If you supported the ACA and oppose Welfare drug testing you are contradicting yourself big time as long as more programs become of federal government control there are going to be restrictions for everyone. As long as the government is paying it out they can say what goes and doesn't go because ultimatley they don't have to give you the paycheck after all.

  • Absolutely Not An Invasion of Privacy

    Welfare all around is the most idiotic thing this country is doing right now. I've grow up in a community where half of the population is below the poverty line and I know many, many people who are mooching off the program with no interest in becoming employed, and why would they. Millions of Americans get up at the ass crack of dawn go to work where they can earn their own money and provide for their families and for themselves, then pay their taxes to the state, which gets turned around and sent to welfare recipients. Most of these productive individuals must participate in drug tests to maintain their jobs, so why shouldn't welfare recipients have to do the same. I understand that some Americans have suffered a hard life and need assistance to get their life on track, but they don't have anything to hide. They would probably be willing to subject to a drug test to maintain a flow of assistance. The scum of the economy are not going to take drug tests to obtain welfare because they'll fail and lose their free cash. If we institute mandatory drug tests, I think two things could happen, either the welfare program will feel relief from a withdraw of participants, or, the drug rate will go down from people needing the money.

  • Invasion of privacy more like excuses

    It is not an invasion of privacy that is an excuse for them not to do the drug test same thing if they are saying it is discriminating. If people on welfare can afford to buy drugs then they can afford to support themselves. Drugs are unnecessary unless it is for an illness in which they would go to the doctor and have them prescribe them medication if it is necessary. Why should the government give them welfare if it is not going towards them bettering their lives. So we the people have the right to grant the government to do mandatory drug screening for welfare.

  • No way, they should be drug tested

    A couple key points here.
    1. I have to take a drug test to earn that money for you, you should have to take a drug test to get the money
    2. If you have money for drugs, you should be spending that money on food and shelter...
    3. If you're using illegal substances, you deserve punishment not special treatment and privledges

  • No it is not

    I do not think that mandatory drug testing is an invasion of privacy for many different things. If people are receiving welfare, then I think it is the peoples right to drug test people getting government aid. If people are drug tested for a job I think that it is the employers right to hire people who do not use drugs.

  • Mandatory drug screening is not an invasion of privacy for welfare recipients

    Mandatory drug screening is not an invasion of privacy for welfare recipients, because they can choose to not accept welfare benefits. If the government dicated everyone take drug screen tests, then that would be an invasion of privacy. But those who are relegated to welfare and choose to sign up for the benefits, and if drug screens are a stipulation of signing up, then it is not an invasion of privacy no moreso than drug screens at a place of employment in the private industry.

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