Welfare drug testing: Should welfare recipients have to take mandatory drug tests?

  • Why should they receive our tax paying money if they are spending their money on drugs and alcohol.

    The stereotypical person receiving welfare or government assistance is on drugs and had a dozen children. I think that these are the people we need to weed out of the system and a big hit would be month to month mandatory drug testing or you will not receive your government aid. I guarantee many people will have to be dropped from the program. Another thing could be a mandatory receipt turn in for all the money they receive to add up. If you are not spending the free money you are receiving when there are many others who would better benefit from my tax paying dollar.

  • If the benefits are need drug testing should no be an issue

    Yes, I do believe that welfare recipients should be required to take drug test. Not to say that every person that receives or need to receive assistance is a drug user, but the program is to help a family in need, not fund a drug habit. If help requests are legitimate, then one would not be worried about taking a drug test for help.

  • Better safe then sorry

    I definitely believe that if someone decides they want to live off the Government for a decent amount of time, I think they should have to under go mandatory random drug tests at least 2 or 3 times a year. If they are going to get Government support, they should be a good example of a citizen.

  • Yes, welfare recipients should take mandatory drug tests

    I believe that this is a great idea to ensure people aren't misusing the government programs set in place for their benefit. This would be a great way to ensure that those people that need aid the most actually receive it. It isn't fair for a drug addict to get aid over someone who actually needs it for essential living .

  • Someone who can afford to buy drugs doesn't need welfare money

    If a welfare recipient has money to spend on drugs, then they should not receive additional income from the government. These drugs are purchased from drug traffickers, which the government spends money to combat. If a welfare recipient is living off of government aid and has money for drugs, then they should be using their own money for their own living expenses rather than to support their bad habit and the drug dealers who supply them.

  • No, they should not.

    I'm tired of treating people subhuman just because they need welfare. As long as they are spending it on their life then they should be left alone. I don't see random drug tests for rich CEOs? I don't see random drug tests for middle class moms? It's discrimination, plain and simple.

  • No Need To Waste Money

    Utah has attempted do drug test welfare recipients, however they spent more money providing the tests, than they saved by kicking people of the programming for doing drugs. There are a lot of problems involved with testing welfare recipients, but for me, I don't really see in any big dollar programs that would make this a viable option anyway.

  • Welfare recipients should not have to take mandatory drug tests.

    Welfare recipients should not have to take mandatory drug tests. This is just another loophole for the system to be able to deny them assistance. Why now? The only change has been that the government wants to make a bigger profit by reducing benefits to the ones that need it. I think this is totally wrong.

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