Welfare drug testing: Would drug screening (random or mandatory) decrease public spending on social services?

  • Yes it would.

    Drug screening, either random or mandatory, would help decrease the amount of public spending on social services. This will reduce social services spending because it would cut out all of the people who are abusing social services to get extra money to spend on drugs. They should not be allowed to get government money.

  • Drug screen would decrease social service spending.

    I think that drug screening would cut spending on social services. I don't think that it is right, however. If drug screening was implemented at the government level I think we would have fewer government employees. I think that it is discriminatory to implement drug screening on welfar recipients, it's demeaning.

  • Drug test them.

    I believe that we should be drug testing people on social services. I know people who are on welfare who are trading their food stamps card for cash so they can buy drugs. It would get people who actually need help and the ones who are not using the help out of the program.

  • Drug screening could help ensure our tax dollars are going to people who are really in need.

    I think people should have a drug screening before they are granted welfare, and during the time they are receiving it. There are many people who abuse the welfare system by taking government money and spending it on drugs. People should be required to have clean drug tests or their benefits will be revoked. Taxpayers would be able to feel better about the money they pay if they know it is not being wasted by the people receiving welfare.

  • It Would Raise Costs

    I do not believe drug screening would decrease public spending on social services. I believe drug testing would simply add expense to programs that already need more funding. Drug screening is a cost that the social services should not be footing and something that doesn't have the best interest of the people in mind.

  • Drug testing for welfare wastes money and time.

    As was shown in Florida, the drug testing program that was briefly used there spent about $100,000 in testing fees in order to save less than $10,000 in social services money. The program was not valuable. Oh, wait, yes it was: The governor and his wife there owned shares in the drug testing company that got the state contract.

  • No that is not the answer

    The welfare system is very messed up right now and people not deserving are taking advantage of it. Drug testing however is not the answer to clean up the system. It may help with a few cases but a lot more needs to be done than simply random drug testing.

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