• Come on BOZOS!

    You idiots are the master of spamming! Well start spamming emails to the Batman and ask him to save debate. Org already. Don’t listen to catwoman scolding us and telling us to stop emailing Batman just keep emailing him and he will one day come on here and save debate. Org EMAIL BATMAN!

  • We can't do it!

    Apparently, Batman has terminated all his emails. None of the emails we have for him are working and all this spam is clogging up debate. Org so we can't post any new topics asking for his help. We sent the FBI cyber police to get us a new email for batman and that is a 48 hour task. Sorry quinn. We are big bozos and big fat bozo forgot to close the front door again so now the number of spammers are doubling every hour.

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