Wells Fargo loses BBB accreditation: Will the company's long history help to restore customer trust?

  • Yes, A Long History will Help Wells Fargo.

    Yes, I do believe a long history will help restore customer trust in Wells Fargo. Although they have lost their BBB accreditation and were found to be using deceptive practices, Wells Fargo has been a trusted name in banking. The situation that happened will be forgotten much easier than their name would be.

  • hmmm! that can't be easily gotten. Ones a bridge collaspse , it will takes years definitely to build. So it long history could still help restore it pride.

    I no definitely what they planned of increasing profits by pressurizing customers to open as many accounts as possible, has definitely cause a stumbling block on their progress. May be the only way to restore her pride is to sell its to people to manage it , so as to reserve the bank history and long reputation.

  • Consumers will look elsewhere.

    Wells Fargo has been haemorrhaging consumer trust for a while now, this is not an isolated incident. Of the 107 most recent reviews of the company, all but four were negative in content. This suggests that the BBB was simply following where customers were leading. It will take a great deal to restore confidence and Wells Fargo's name will not be enough to do it.

  • No, the company's long history will not help to restore customer trust.

    No, the company's long history will not help to restore customer trust because they have been proven to have a long history of corruption. They do not care about their customers, and their customers should open bank accounts elsewhere. Since Wells Fargo only wanted the money, they should be severely punished.

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