Wendy's Stopped Advertising on Ellen: Does our society still discriminate against homosexuals?

  • Sadly the answer is yes

    I think that we've come a long way with LGBT rights. We now have gay marriage legalized and the bullying of LGBT people is now getting more awareness. However sadly we still have discrimination in this world. I sadly think that homosexuals will always be discriminated. I wish it could end but it just won't. I think it's unfair and ridiculous. We don't discriminate against people of color. Why do we discriminate against people who are gay/lesbian? I will never know but I think it should end.

  • Yes, our society does still discriminate against homosexuals.

    Yes, our society does still discriminate against homosexuals because millions of Americans are still not comfortable with homosexuality even though gay marriage was legalized in America. I believe that a lot of people are against homosexuality because it goes against their religion and due to this reason it is very hard for people to be accepting of homosexuals.

  • Yes the society still discriminate against homosexuals

    Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American comedienne, television host, actress, writer, and producer. Wendy's pulled sponsorship from Ellen after Ellen Degeneres came out stating her homosexuality. American society is still not willing to accept the fact that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon that exists. Homosexuality is still looked down upon.

  • Yes, discrimination is still out there

    It does not matter how hard homosexual struggle to achieve equality, they will always be discriminated. When somebody finds out that, for example, their friend is homosexual, they immediately start acting different when that friend is around. Homosexuals are humiliated and disrespected daily, only due to contrary belief that they are mentally ill.

  • Yes, discrimination is still a cause for concern in our society.

    Unfortunately discrimination still plays a large roll in our nation everyday. Wendy's decision to stop advertising on Ellen is just another example of how far away we are from ending discrimination. While much progress has been made, we do still see its effects in our daily lives. We should be conscious of this when choosing our political leaders as their tone often sets the bar.

  • Yes and there's no denying it

    Depends on the place you live in, of course. In my home country, not really. In USA it's ridiculous. A restaurant owner can apparently decide to not serve someone because of that someone's sexual orientation. That's discrimination. And I've heard stuff about North Carolina's anti-lgbt laws. Transgender people are forced to use the bathroom of the opposite sex. That's fucked up.

  • BUT the argument in the question is irrelevant

    Wendy's had stopped advertising on Ellen in the late 1990s. Furthermore it is Wendy's. Society is a whole lot bigger than just Wendy's. So while I do recognize there is still discrimination against homosexuals the example that was presented at the beginning of the question is irrelevant to that particular question.

  • Use Your Brain

    If anything, the LBGT community and the government are discriminating against straight people. Why should we have to change our ways to let others do whatever the heck they want? A serial killer can identify as a woman, walk into a restroom, and injure or kill people. That is a little extreme, though. But the straight community shouldn't have to change our ways to allow the LGBTs . We are being forced to agree with them. Not homosexual discrimination, is it?

  • No, what a horrible accusation.

    Blanket accusations like this are so destructive to societal growth. An argument can be made that Wendy's showed discrimination, but to just blanket "society" with the burden of this accusation not only doesn't solve anything, but it opens the door to faceless and evidence-lacking accusations of all sorts of discrimination and biased because "society is discriminatory, and you're part of society, so you must be too."

    Address individual instances as they occur, and ensure that violators are properly prosecuted for any wrong doing, but don't go instigating witch hunts.

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