• The description of Noah

    Noah was said to be a direct and pure descendant of Adam, And as the bible tells us, His skin was "white as snow". After his ark eventually landed in the caucasion mountains he and his descendants went on to populate the rest of the world, This perfectly matches the descriptions of the indo-europeans AKA the ancestors of most europeans

  • Of course it is!

    It's what all my friends in church keep telling me. They can't all be wrong. Adam and Eve are white names. You hear the older names of people from Asia or Africa? I've never met anyone from there but it isn't Adam or Eve! I believe their names are weirder and I don't like the sound of them. Everyone in my echo chamber agrees with me. You don't need an education to know that!

  • We can't be sure.

    We do not know for certain what skin color Adam and Eve possessed. It does not matter, Either. Adam and Eve were humans. We are all humans and we know God created humans in Africa which means they may have had dark skin like africans in the modern world. That is all.

  • Adam and eve were mexican

    I'm sure (((you))) have heard of the "Black (((Hebrew))) Isrealites" and the "Christian Identity (((Movement)))". Both oof these claim that their race are the true "Isrealites" as in God's chosen people. So, I thought I would throw my theory into the mix. Mexicans are actually God's chosen people. To illustrate my point think of the holocaust, This was in the year 2016 when I fucked your mom 6 million times (and your dad's bussy another 4 million times). If you add that up it cums to a grand total 400 trillion dead jews. I think it clear that the holocaust was real and that Mexicans are in fact God's chosen people. If not why do we have so many people named jesús?

  • Does not make sense

    If they were "white" then how did black people and Asians emerge?
    They were mixed. A biracial couple made news when they gave birth to a white and black twin babies.
    Also keep in mind that when the flood came The three sons of Noah each took a wife so they could have also been why the genetic diversity of man was preserved.
    So have a person who is black and asian and white and arabic and you will see how they looked like.

  • Not only is there no way of knowing, But it also doesn't matter

    By being the first-ever human beings they didn't belong to a race anyways. Their skin colour is completely irrelevant to the story and doesn't add any further context to it. A bit of a silly question but I am surprised everyone is clearly on the no side for this one.

  • It represent the color matter

    If we consider the skin color of the first human, That is implying we're deciding the national superiority that the white might always consider as first. Since the color protest becomes common today, We are better moving forward from these kinds of questions to accept every nation people no matter black, White, Or yellow.

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MrFarRight says2021-04-13T07:08:46.453
Who cares?

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