Were Brent Musburger's comments during the BCS game inappropriate?

  • Yes, I think his personal opinions have no voice when they are displayed at the wrong time.

    Let us enjoy the football game and not your beliefs and ideas. Not that I disagree with with him it's just wrong time wrong place. Maybe he should get more into politics and further away from sports. How about his own talk show where he can discuss topics all the time.

  • Subtext is everything

    Musberger managed to go far over the line even without breaking any blatant conventions. His comments emerged decades of objectification and condescension toward women, and frankly made watching the game an uncomfortable experience for everyone. I do not believe any official punishment need come Musberger's way, however. The public's groans of discomfort are plenty, and a reassuring sign.

  • Yes, Brent Musburger's made inappropriate comments.

    Brent Musburger's job was to give play by play for a football. He needed to concentrate on game and its players and coaches and leave folks who were in the stands alone. This was something personal that did not need to be aired on television. The game is the thing and not the fans.

  • He Went A Little Too Far

    I do not think that what Brent Musbuger said was inappropriate, he just went a little too far with his comments. He could have just said that A.J. McCarron's girlfriend was pretty and left it at that. The emphasis in his statements was a little too much and it made the situation awkward.

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