• Yes, CFC's are the problem

    Widely regarded as one of the most successful pieces of environmental legislation to date, the initiative passed by multiple national governments to stop the use of CFC's in consumer settings has had a profound impact on the environment. Consistent with scientific theory, the hole in the ozone layer is now decreasing in size: we are now seeing the effects of having stop using CFC's decades ago.

  • CFCs are at fault.

    CFCs were the real ozone hole cause. All of the research pointed to this in aggregate. The use of hairspray and even things such as cooking oil spray were reportedly causing problems with the ozone layer. Although we are told the problem is now somewhat subsided, the CFCs are still being cautioned against.

  • Yes, they are.

    I believe that there are and were many things causing holes in the ozone layer but chlorofluorocarbons or greenhouse gas were a very big culprit. We can even look at evidence that CFC's were largely at fault. After we greatly reduced their use, the ozone layer hole has slowly started to shrink.

  • No, they were a diversion.

    For a while some years ago everyone was talking about the CFCs and all of our packaging began to change and I guess that was a good thing. But the real cause of the hole in the ozone is much more complex and has to do with our whole lifestyle.

  • CFCs are not to Blame

    CFCs have taken a bad rap over the past couple of decades, but they are not to blame for the ozone hole. Natural forces such as temperature change and volcanic eruptions can effect the ozone hole. Man made cfcs can not have the impact on the ozone layer that was previusly thought.

  • So many factors

    So often, when the scientific community discovers something and does its best to inform the public about the danger, people latch on to some small thing and run with it. Spray bottles and other compressed containers were not even close to the sole reason, but regardless, they were still a contributor.

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