• Mind control is very useful

    The communist can end up having their entire country believing that the rules and laws they create are for their own good regardless if they are or not. Mind control techniques have been used for many centuries in both communist areas and non communist areas. It has been proven that many mind control techniques work, all it takes is time.

  • Clearly they were not

    If their mind control techniques worked so well why was it that the Iron Curtain fell?

    It can be very hard to tell whether you've controlled a person's mind or just that person's mask. Sometimes people in oppressive regimes will say "OK, I believe you, I support you" while secretly thinking otherwise. Eventually when people have had enough someone steps out of line and other people become more confident to be honest about how they really feel.

  • Communism is Dead

    When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the end of Communist control was upon the world. Clearly, mind control techniques didn't work because the Soviets weren't able to control their own citizens. Mind control is a misnomer anyway and the more proper term is neurolinguistic programming. Even brainwashing isn't the same as mind control. Communists might have been good at brainwashing, but not mind control.

  • No, communist countries are poor.

    No, communist mind control techniques were not useful, because ultimately, every communist country ends up poor. No matter how good their intentions, no communist country ever does a good enough job managing everything to end up wealthy. Mind control techniques have not made a communist country any better. Mind control is just another way communism fails.

  • No they weren't.

    There is nothing good about mind control period. The only one that it was useful to was the communists, but to everyone else it was extremely harmful. Would you want someone else controlling your mind for any reason? I know that I would not, and especially not a communist or Nazi.

  • No such thing.

    There were no such thing as communist mind control techniques. They had propaganda, which was used to sway the population, but no science fiction style mind control. I do think that the Communist propaganda worked in order to sway the population, but that is about as far as I would go.

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