Were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher doomed from the start because of the gap between their ages?

  • More Than Likely

    I do believe Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were doomed from the start because of the gap between their ages. If not for that reasons, then obviously the entertainment industry is known for ruining relationships. I think it is great that they can break amicable without having a lot of public problems.

  • Moore-Kutchner doomed by ageism angst

    Unfortunately, the media portrays older men as great catches for the nubile airbrain while a younger man-older woman combo is an anomaly, the butt of late-night jokes. The cougar is portrayed as a pathetic figure. No wonder that the Moore-Kutcher relationship was doomed. It was inconceivable to the general population that true love could exist between a cougar and a hunk.

  • No, they bored each other

    They were doomed from the start because of their inability
    to form real adult relationships. Both have great looks, but minimal depth. Demi
    Moore has been a star since she got her first role on a soap opera at age 19. A
    high school dropout, she got noticed as a nude model, and moved on from there.
    Aston Kutcher got his first real job as a model, too. Neither appears to need
    acting skills. The public loves a pretty face, but these faces probably ran out
    of things to say to one another.

  • Age doesn't matter in relationships.

    Unfortunately, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's relationship did not last; however, I do not believe that had anything to do with their ages. There were many other factors that were involved in the break-up of their marriage and those factors will probably only be known between the two of them. There are many successful marriages with a huge age difference.

  • No, I don't think they were doomed

    Even though there was a big age gap, Demi and Ashton still made it for quite some time. I definitely think that age makes a difference, especially when considering things that people have in common, but they still managed to get along and keep the relationship alive or they wouldn't have made it as long as they did. I don't think age played that big of a role in the length of their relationship.

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