Were "feminists" too extreme about Matt Taylor's shirt?

Asked by: TheStruggles
  • "When the wise man points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger"

    This man is a genius who helped achieve one of the greatest achievements in space exploration of the 21st century. Yet instead of congratulating him and valuing him as a crucial member of society, feminists have reduced him to a shaking wreck, forced to apologise for a shirt that nobody even complained about. This is a case of feminists getting so self-righteous that they are committing an act of oppression, the very thing that feminism is supposed to be against.

  • Everyone is so sensitive now that anything can be offensive to anyone.

    I love the hypocrisy of the feminists who are up in arms over this guy. On the one side you have women losing their minds over the fact that he has women in revealing clothing (not even naked) on his shirt, and on the other side you have women protesting topless saying that we shouldn't be able to tell women how they can express themselves. Why isn't the focus on the fact that this guy LANDED A PROBE ON A COMET?! He has accomplished more for humanity than any of these women that are trying to villainize him.

  • A shirt is not Oppression.

    He could have been wearing physical vaginas on his shirt and it wouldn't matter. I see people with shirts stating I should suffer eternal torture for what I believe and nobody thinks twice about that. The clothing you wear isn't even words. Words aren't even actions. Nothing short of actions should be discussed in this manner. He was part of a team that basically threw a pin into a super bouncy rubber ball a room away and they wanna talk about his shirt? Crazy.

  • I'll answer my own question

    They were absolutely too close minded about his shirt and were too blinded to realize what this man had done. They pay more attention to a shirt rather than the amazing achievement this man has done for us. Feminists should be ashamed, as they should for every other hypocritical riot they cause. Hope they die out so we don't have to stress over their bull**** anymore.

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