Were graphic acts of violence and gore even possible to depict before computerized technology even made it possible?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I weep for the youth of today... Because that's a stupid question.

    And I'm not saying that to be mean - I'm saying that because basic knowledge of television and film would inform you that most gore and violence aren't done with CGI. It's done with props and squibs and makeup and camera tricks and disturbing realistic models and some unsimulated things (like pig intestines or cattle blood or the like).

    And none of that stuff is recent - that's been going on for a long time. The thing however is that like science film has seen some changes. So older films sometimes have actual violence against animals or include things like actual autopsy footage. So... It can get pretty hardcore depending on things.

    And here is a lovely short lists of fairly violent (somewhat disturbing) films from before functional CGI. Which shouldn't be much of a surprise the Exorcist is from 1973 and it has the headspinning thing, the floating bed, and a little girl misusing a crucifix as a dildo. Like really.

    Chainsaw Massacre (1976?) - based on Ed Gein murders and cheerfully banned in numerous countries. Beginning of Slasher genre. Enjoyed a period of heavy banning in many countries.

    Salo (1975) - based on Sade's book. Includes enforced sodomy, scalping, branding, and mutilation. Still heavily banned.

    Cannibal Holocaust (1980) - actually got it's director arrested for murder. Includes several simulated rapes, one simulated incident of infanticide, actual killing and ingestion of animals, and one scene of violent implement of a woman.

    Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985) - again the director got arrested for filming a snuff film. Basically shows the complete destruction of a woman via a psychopath's tools. Super detailed.

    Men Behind the Sun (1988) - deeply controversial due to inclusion of the live burning of actual rats, the actual autopsy footage of a child, and simulated scenes of torture and disembowelment.

    Man Bites Dog (1992) - documentary crew (fake) follows serial killer (fake) around as he well... Serial kills. Climax involves the gang rape and disembowelment of a pregnant woman.

    And there is a lot more out there like Dead Alive which is both hilarious (I kick arse for Jesus) and seriously graphic (so much fake blood). So yeah... Gonna go now.

  • Being that computers didn't exist in mainstream until 1970s/1980s

    I think graphic acts in movies and on television were pretty much impossible to depict. Basically any act of bloodshed was impossible to depict. Even gore. The technology did not permit it basically. So some of the violent movies of the old days do look outright silly if you watch them.

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