• Just look at the evidence

    As we become more analytic we can ask questions about science that couldn't be imagined when our ancestors experienced our 'early beginnings'. People say aliens don't exist but new reports of UFO sightings come out everyday (increasingly). I don't know anyone who has recently 'seen' God! What is more likely? We can now create beings in a lab! We can build structures in space. Imagine in the vastness of the universe, another lifeform millions of years ahead of us in technology. They would be capable of more than we can imagine now. I ask again- what is more likely? And why just blindly believe what was written in an old book (half of which was edited and put away). They just came across our planet 30,000 years ago or more and fiddled with our genetics. You want proof? It's in our ancient civilizations. It's in megalithic structures on our planet. It's in our DNA. The question is not whether there is a God or not, but it's obvious that we were created by something else!

  • Ancient civilization all over the world

    We did come from aliens because i just found out that our ancestors have seen alien like creature to the point they believe as gods drawing all over the world have shown us that they saw alien wearing a suit like an astronaut gliding with space crafts they may even left some evidence that we still had to search it

  • No other way.

    How else could humans just all of a sudden become smarter than all other animals on earth? I believe aliens genetically engineered us. They most likely also helped us build the pyramids and stone hedge for contact or something. "God" could most likely be the aliens but we're just not being taught right.

  • Where is the transition period?

    I believe so as in the history of human evolution there is nothing which can explain the trebling of our brain mass over a period of 3000 years. Natural selection just isn't possible in this case which means there must have been an outside influence. We cannot go from being simple creatures to a hugely intelligent species otherwise. Why aren't other animals as intelligent? Natural selection has had the same amount of time to develop other creatures.


    The human being is created from a Alien and a Bigfoot. An Alien impregnated a bigfoot, and they had children over time they lost their hair, and got smaller, that is what you see today in the average human being. ALIENS HAVE CREATED OUR KIND!!

  • They manipulated us by our genomic DNA. They are our creators, there's no other logical explanation.

    Why are we the only species on earth that are unique? Why are we the only ones that evolved? My answer is extraterrestrial beings, that we interpreted as gods at the time experimented on us homosapiens at an early stage, around 50,000 Years ago. They manipulated and knew we had potential. They sped up our cycle and gave us knowledge to conquer the earth. And so for this we idolised them as gods. We credited them and interpreted them as gods, in the bible. But it all leads to this explanation as if you decode some of the sentences, they can be perceived in the way extraterrestrials helped us. Evolution makes no sense if we are the only animals that evolved, why haven't dogs and cats etc. What so special about us. Extraterrestrials. They used us for a purpose.

  • I think it's highly possible...

    Seems highly possible. After studying anatomy, biology etc...We seem to be constructed like a robot, just a highly complex one using different materials other than metal. Blood is fuel...Veins/arteries are wires... Definitely we don't really know for sure if aliens exists, hell maybe god exists in like the 105th dimension or something and he can see us but we can't see him? Lol, just my two cents.

  • If we could create intelligent beings

    UFO's sightings are frequent and have been for a long time. One must question, if there are aliens watching us and have been doing so for centuries, then why do they let us live?

    If you had the technology to create an intelligent race that is based on the most intelligent animal on a planet (in our case, apes) and to monitor how that race progresses over time. Think of the principle of working by yourself or working in a team; working in a team brings different viewpoints to the table. What if this is the point of creating a new race? Perhaps by creating the human race, aliens were introduced to things created by humans which the aliens could not fathom to create themselves; things such as music, television, humour, empathy or sex for enjoyment opposed to sex for purely procreation. Imagine what it would be like to run an experiment like this on 50-100 other planets; imagine how many variations of society, life and creations will present itself. One of the planets might find a cure for cancer, one may find a way to live forever, one may destroy itself (that's looking like us at the moment).

    As farfetched as the above may seem, I think it deserves more consideration than the words of our ancient ancestors who claimed a God created humans in his own form - although our ancestors may be correct that we were created by a superior being.

  • Think about it!

    Did u ever thin that maybe the aliens ARE god? Just like in noah's are, he saved the animals and crossed an ocean. Maybe the Ocean is space. Maybe aliens are god. And think about it. Out of infinite space there is bound to be other life forms like us!

  • It is at the very least possible

    I believe that it is possible we were created by aliens for a multitude of reasons. Not just because of how complex we are or how much "junk DNA" we have. I think it's possible because if you think about all of the religious stories about creation and how so many people believe in them for their own personal reasons, wouldn't it make sense if religious texts in fact connote to aliens creating us? I believe in intelligent design even though I am not religious (am a rather spiritual person however). There are a lot of similarities between how our bodily organs work together, how our cells are created, etc. To the ways other things in this universe are created. I believe all living beings come from the same source ("God", "Buddha", "The Source", whatever you wanna call it) but who is to say that extraterrestrials aren't the ones simply facilitating or executing the creation of other beings? Makes sense to me at least....

  • We Were Not

    The human race was not created by alien. I think that God created man, just as it says in the Bible. I know some might not believe that theory but its makes much more sense than aliens. I have never seen an alien and I seriously doubt that they exist.

  • No aliens didn't.

    This is actually a really humorous question lol.. Aliens have never been known to even exist.. So how can something that does not exist create something like humans? And if there is such a thing as "aliens" why on earth would they wanna create things like us? Humans?.. No sense at all.. Secondly, Genesis 1:27 says, "So God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." So therefore God, is responsible for all human-kind being here not some so called "aliens".

  • We have souls

    We have souls, therefore, nothing from the same, physical world could create us and give us the soul. Only a higher being could create and give us our souls, and our body is just dirt, earth. Also, our body is a complex mechanism, an almost perfect thing, aliens couldn't even think of creating something like that, if they existed.

  • Who created aliens?

    Ok lets say we were created by aliens. Why would they leave their creation? What was the point? Are we just an experiment, a large scale Big Brother kind of thing? It doesn't make logical sense. We're ruining the Earth, day by day. Why would they leave a perfectly good planet for a science project? Lets say Earth wasn't habitable for aliens. How did they get us here? If it was habitable for aliens, why aren't they ruling us? There must have been a purpose in our creation. Why would they waste resources? If they're intelligent enough to make humans, they're not going to abandon their creation. Another point: If we were created by aliens, something must have created the aliens.

  • Non logical idea

    There is anything at all that supports this theory. Maybe other than science fiction that brings up this question. I mean let's think about that one for a moment. Is there anything that says yeah we were created by "aliens" no. But there is supporting details that says we came from evolution of what was it, Apes? Monkeys?

  • No Chance at all.

    There was only one thing that created humans and that was God, not aliens, and not the big bang. I do not doubt that aliens might be real. It is a large universe with many planets and one might be holding extraterrestrials. But it is quite certain that aliens didn't create humans.

  • Evolution is much more plausible

    There is absolutely no proof to support this ridiculous theory that we were created by aliens. There is, however, a large amount of evidence to support Darwin's theory of evolution, found by Darwin himself, and many other scientists. Don't believe me? Then how come we have an appendix? Our body doesn't need it. The appendix is vestigial, it has been left behind by the process of evolution, and in a few million years will most likely have completely disappeared from our descendants. Only herbivores use an appendix, which suggests we evolved from a herbivorous animal. THOUSANDS of scientists have carried out scientific investigations, and all have concluded that this theory is correct. The fact is that evolution is much more plausible than this ridiculous theory that we were created by Aliens.

  • Why are you so ....

    So if humans are made by aliens and we are so complex, then tell me how made aliens? They must be much more complex than us to make such living species. Why can't you bealive that we are here without reason? I think that you (reader) can't exept life as it is. You are trying to make humans special and extraordinary and blablabla. We aren't better than other animals. We just evolved something that others haven't done that yet smart relatively huge brain. In all other looks we are not better than any other animal, we are slower that other we are not that durable, not so strong etc. With this qustion your just trying to explain why are we here, you are just trying to make sense why are we living (we are experiment or whatever...). So yea just live your life and stop s***ing it with stupidities. Thanks for reading

  • I don't really think so.

    I don't believe that aliens created humans. The only thing that created humans could be evolution or God. Although this doesn't mean that I don't believe that aliens exist, as they probably do. Our universe is, as they say, infinite. Maybe aliens somewhere else created another life form in resemblance to us, but I do not believe aliens created humans.

  • Not Aliens, Not God.....Evolution

    To begin with evolution is the only one of these three theories with any evidence at all. We evolved from a type of ape. We know this and through fossils and evidence through research discovering our evolutionary chain. If we were created by aliens, where are they? Where are the traces of their existence? I do believe that there is a chance of Alien life as we all live in a large universe. There has been zero evidence supporting alien life so far and all the videos and photos that claim to 'capture aliens' are lies. The quality of every photo or video of Aliens are horrible. With today's technology if anyone had actually recorded Aliens the video quality would be great and we would have proof. Also those who believe that a giant magical spirit created is more logical than extra-terrestrial life, just think and you will hopefully realize something. The only theory of our creation with evidence is evolution.

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Haxis288 says2013-07-03T05:34:07.917
Earth and hummanity was created by allah we are the only intellgiant speciesin the universe Al things were created by allah
Anonymous says2013-07-11T19:13:50.813
Bullcrap, we are not the only intelligent species in the universe. Our whole galaxy is so tiny, even a drop in all the earths oceans, or a single grain of sand in all the earths beachs, would be way way way bigger in comparison, there is simply too many star systems with planets that can support complex life, and iro the actual debate topic here, whether we were created by Aliens, or if we simply evolved...BOTH answers tell us one thing with utmost clarity, Aliens (or intelligent life, politically correct) MUST exist under both arguments. If we were created by aliens, there is other intelligent life, and if we evolved, well then, in this masive universe, if something has happened once, u can bet your life, it has happened many many many times before, and will happen many many many times again, and is happening in many many many different places this very instant.
Dhruv.Sharma says2013-11-19T18:35:01.460
If god created us, who created god? And would we be god for the life that we create and send to another planet?
greenpower2 says2014-02-28T19:00:59.373
Whats ur proof?
greenpower2 says2014-02-28T19:03:04.830
Dhruv.Sharma..There must be an end to the chain..Check the theory of relativity..There must be a stationary point of view..
plazma says2014-08-14T15:29:45.070
To say that we are the only intelligent beings in a universe so large and unexplored is plain stupid. Someone as magnificent has god almighty would and has created alot more then we will ever know or see in our lifetime. Is God a alien? Unlikely, but that does not rule out that he could be. No amount of science will ever prove that god does/does not exist or tell us who or what god is. We are very intelligent species indeed our bodies, our mind work in harmony and such complexity , every thing about us is so perfectly engineered. We must have faith there is no wrong or right belief, what alot of us do wrong is not have an open mind, We must have an open mind we do not know what is out there, without a doubt there is alot we don't know. With the coming years we will learn more and more about our planet and our universe and of coarse once we die will learn the truth.

If God is real, i myself believe he is he would have to be Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient

Omnipotent: Have unlimited power
Omnipresent: Present everywhere at the same time
Omniscient: Have Knowledge of everything

Just remember will all must keep an open mind, and we must be thankful for everyday we get to spend on this amazing planet and with the people will love and cherish.
cobra5555 says2015-04-12T20:10:30.417
Well if we got genetically manipulated by aliens to become humans, who genetically manipulated aliens to become aliens?

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