• Humans Were Meant To Eat Meat

    Meat is part of most man's daily diets and is recommended by doctors. So yes, humans were meant to eat it. There are many cases of sickness and unhealthiness associated with people who choose not to eat it. It is a person's choice if they want to eat meat, but there are more people who do than those who do not.

  • Indisputably.

    Can humans eat meat? Yes. Do we benefit from eating meat? Yes. All biological signs point to humanity being developed in such a way that eating meat was a distinct and useful possibility. It is important to note due to other topics, however, that whether or not humanity was designed with the capability to eat meat is irrelevant to whether it is moral or necessary to do so.

  • Yes, long since man was created we've benefited from animal meat. I believe meat was the key to cave men survival.

    Eating meat provides key nutrition's such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fat to our bodies. Although meat is not a necessity to life, it is way of life for most of us. Meat also contains all the essential amino acids that the body requires. Eating meat helps to improve the immunity of the body and the ability to fight diseases.

  • Inuit and their diet

    If we are not meant to eat animals, but to eat plants only, how can it be that Inuits survive with only meat in their diet? They live in a place where farming is not possible, yet they are still alive and thrive. They prove that we can survive with no vegetables in our diet, so we are meant to be omnivorous.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Supported by the Bible.

    First of all, are you a Christian? We did not evolve from monkeys but were created with a brain that is above all other species, that was smart enough to know how to hunt. A natural predator has eyes in the front of his head just as a lion does. Guess what? We have that too! We have that along with our canines that are specifically for eating meat. Since biblical times, they have been eating meat. Able was the son of Eve and was the hunter. He raised the livestock and ate and sacrificed them to God. Jesus told the story of the prodigal son. The father was overjoyed when his son came home, "Kill the fatted calf so we can feast," he announced. God gave us dominion over the animals so that we could eat a balanced diet. We need both meat and veggies to live to our prime. How do you think the settlers and pioneers survived through the hard winters when nothing would grow, or those who lived in the places in which the ground was to rocky and the soil not fertile. They hunted.

  • Eat meat? Human biology says no!!!

    All biological signs point to humanity being developed in such a way that eating meat was never meant to happen. Every part of our digestive track suggest that a balanced plant based diet it the food we are meant to eat.

    Lets start with our mouths, omnivores and carnivores have very strong developed mussels in there mouths. And as for them canine teeth, many herbivores such as hippos humans and red pandas have them to. The sliver in our mouths is the same as it is in every other herbivore.

    On to our stomach the acidity level is way lower than that of a meat eater, but you find again that it watches up with that of a herbivore.

    Next lets look at our intestine. Its really long. But at first sight it watches that of a carnivore why is this. Because you measured the human body wrong you need to measure from the tail bone to the head not from foot to head.

    Lastly our speed. Humans are slow. Even tho there are some kinda fast humans we still cant match match that of a hunting animal like a lion or a tiger

    in conclusion every thing about human biology shows that a plant biased diet it nothing less that whats necessary for an optimal human diet.

  • Heck no, man! Humans were not meant to eat meat!

    Read "The 80/10/10 Diet" by Dr. Graham, "Starch Based Diet" by Dr. McDougall, or a whole number of other books, and you will see that the answer is clear - if we're talking about optimal nutrition, lack of disease, etc., then we are NOT meant to eat meat. Survival is a different story, but if you want to be healthy, stay away from meat and milk products, fats, refined sugars, additives, etc.

  • Meant?

    First of all, I will state that I believe that there is no God to have "meant" us to do anything. I assume, though, that this is about whether it is in humans' best interest to eat meat. Again, I think the answer is no. In some developing countries, there are few other food sources, and meat is, by and large, better than nothing, but it is not only willfully ignorant but dangerous to ignore the studies that keep coming out and that link meat consumption with far-increased rates of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and strokes. In the developed world, there is no reason to eat meat besides feeling societal pressures to, which should not be as big a deal as it is.

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