• Archaeological evidence supports they were

    The archeological evidence of Jesus' tomb (yes, his body has been found) shows that Jesus along with Mary Magdalene and his son, Judah, were family related by blood. this tomb is real and the chances of this being someone elses tomb is astronomically low. Moreover, it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that this tomb is real. Anyone care to debate this? Challenge me.


    it is wonder that any prophet in judaic tradition or any other religion even jesus did not teach marriare is a sin. The intimacy of Jesus with Magdalana is a strong evidence for thier conjugal relationship. the christian concept that jesus is the son of God is dead against human reason or dive truth. Constructing on this false doctrine that the singleness of jesus and the sinfulness of marriage. yes I can belive that jesus was a married man and magdalana was his wife. Besides the christian cannonial and non cananical source , the Holy Quran the script revealed after 600 years of jesus christ also corrobarate this theory, by saying Indeed, we sent messangers before you. and we gave them wives and childrens( holy quran 13 : 38) It should be noted thata Jesus was the immedeate before of the prophet Mohammed. SALIM . A.M

  • I believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married.

    It was common for a Rabbi, and almost expected, to marry and have children. Further more, we know as a fact that the New Testament writting are not all acurate, and, in some cases, may have been tampered with purposed. This marraige may not have been a secret at first, but later it may have been thought that this event did not "fit" into the picture, so gradually it was omitted entirely.

  • Discovery Channel Proof and Leonardo De Vinci

    Leonardo De Vinci had proof in his writing,in addition,Jesus was a Rabbi and in those days and Rabbi's had to be married!! Jesus and Mary had a very close relationship,which is not a common thing between pupils and their master or in those days between a man and a woman even though Jesus was revolutionary and open minded I think people around would be talking if they were not married.For a woman to be alone with a group of man those days it was frowned upon because the woman's position in those days was very low....Mary would not have been excepted so easily unless she had a very special and particular position in the group.She was shunned after Jesus death though and her book was not put in the bible because she was a woman and her writings contradicted the beliefs of the church!!!

  • I do believe Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married.

    There are, if you believe it, many parts of the bible that were removed. Mary Magdelene herself wrote a book of the bible. In this removed text, it tells about her relationship with him. One part even tells about there union.

  • Proof POSITIVE Jesus "by law" had to have been married.

    In the bible, Jesus is referred to several times as Rabbi. This is not a title given to a Jewish man lightly. And ask any Orthodox Jew, how many Rabbis are single ...? None! And even if there are liberal Jews that exist today that do not hold themselves to that law, back then to go against Jewish law could mean extreme punishment, or even death....oh yes we know that don't we? And while I personally believe that it was the church that is primarily responsible for demonizing and knocking Mary Magdalene to the ground, it would seem that ancient texts do support the fact that Mary was not only close to Jesus, but she was favored by him and that attention was significantly different than the affection he showed the other apostles. I am very open minded. I look to the evidence that exists from at or around that time in history. I weigh that so much more that personal feelings of what I was raised or even urged to believe through Catholic School. Jesus , I believe was married . I believe it was most probably to Mary Magdalene. Jesus was a Rabbi therefore required by Jewish Law to be married. He would have been stopped and action would have been taken against him that most certainly would have caused a complete alteration as to the events recorded in history. So I ask you? Look to the evidence. I am still a Catholic. I still give my faith to Jesus Christ and his teachings. It is absolutely amazing in and of itself that the story of my God that I have been taught since a child can be backed up; by documents found at the time the events occurred and with all of the amazing archeological finds. I respect the Muslim, the Jewish and the Christian faiths. I have a unique theory that I share with quite a few people.......We are all worshiping the same God!!!!! Jesus , according to everything I have learned had among him, some of whom he called his closest friends, his followers. And some of them at times doubted, even denied him. But He ,with love in his heart closed his eyes and died with the intention of saving them all from their sins. Based on that I do not understand the actions taken by men in the name of God on behalf of any of the faiths! I know that there is a jerk in every crowd, but at this point in the development of the human species why have we not yet invented an anti jackass ray gun or something along that line......Oh well one can only pray.....or close your eyes and think really hard and focused "anti jackass" "anti jackass" !!!!! lol Just kidding. Note to all: We are capable of looking through the insanity that renders us somewhat like young spoiled children that are uncooperative and insist that you are wrong and they , and only they are right. We are capable of looking to the past , the amazing archeology and technology that enables us to make discoveries day by day now it would seem. Realize that history repeats itself, and by realizing that than we should be able to avoid killing each other indiscriminately in the name of religion or race, because "WE ARE ALL RELATED" Science does not contradict the contrary the mere fact that everything known to exist in the universe dies , except the Universe itself screams of a creator to me. Perhaps a creator even more amazing and grand than we are currently able to express. Perhaps our bible, Koran, Talmud, perhaps they are merely a guide for us. The amazing religious texts we hold today are to God in comparison much like a comic to a literary genius. Yes they are Holy , divinely inspired, but God is so much more complex that our ability to comprehend and we remain here under these circumstances quibbling over what on a cosmic scale are really rather insignificant difference in details.

  • I believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were PROBABLY married because their relationship seems to have been redefined by those (males) who established formal churches down through the centuries.

    If the Bible is viewed as "being written by God" then they were not married, and Mary was no more than a reformed prostitute who became a "Jesus groupie." It seems apparent to me that the Bible was composed by a number of different writers. This being the case, we can assume that each individual writer had his/her own agenda. Since most of those who were literate were males, we can assume that the agendas were male-oriented, thus creating a male-oriented church. Such a church would want their "heroes" to be males. For Jesus to have a wife at all would be problematic for these "church creators." For Jesus to have a wife who took an active part in his establishment of Christianity would be unacceptable. By relegating Mary Magdalene's role to that of reformed prostitute, the writers of the Bible ensured that Jesus remained as "pure" as his mother, Mary, was thought to be.

    Jesus and Mary would not have hung out together as long as they did if they were not married, or at least if they did not consider themselves "partners" on some level. In view of the mores of the times, marriage was their most likely partnership.

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • I think Jesus and Mary were married, or at least loved each other, as in man and woman.

    Jesus had a special care for Mary Magdalene, and used to teach her things he would not teach the other apostles. And there is also the apocryphal gospel, with writings of Mary herself, indicating her much close relationship with Jesus. These gospels are not considered by the church, because the go against centuries of a line of thought of the church.

    Posted by: IandbardeI
  • I'd lean on the side that they were...

    Only because, if they even existed, it's likely that they were married since it was implied i the Bible quite a few times. Jesus was not the son of God, so why wouldn't he want to get some?

    I couldn't think of any reasons, either.

    But of course, this is all true on the condition that the Bible is correct in its documenting of this ordinary man, which seems unlikely since it has led the majority of America into delusion...

  • Marriage has nothing to do with sexual relationship

    Many think by Marriage it means sexual relationship. Jesus could have been married to Mary without necessarily engaging in sexual relationship. Jesus said, "He that made man in the beginning, made them "male and female". Jesus was not a hermaphrodite. He was a masculine form that had a feminine Counterpart. Miriam of Magdala from all allusion in the scriptures was his female counterpart. However, the lower passions associated with Sensual desires, had no part to play in these highly evolve duo. Theirs was a love of a purest essence that transcends sexual relationship. This is a true marriage; singleness of passions, singleness of Love energy directed intelligently for the fulfillment of life purpose of a duo.

  • No, because I'm not sure that they aren't fictional characters and never existed at all.

    I think arguing whether they were in fact married is a moot point, because we don't know for sure that they actually lived at all. I think Mary Magdalene is one of the most interesting Bible characters, but she may be just that: an interesting story character with a colorful background.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • no, there exists no credible evidence of any kind proving such a relationship.

    This is a fantasy created by people who have nothing better to do than to try and stir up controversy. The Bible is the premier information source on the life of Jesus Christ and it is made clear that Jesus was not married to Mary Magdalene or anyone else. His purpose was never to live a "normal" life on this earth; he had was a supernatural mission.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • There is no preponderance of evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married.

    The idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had at least one child together has been made very popular by Dan Brown's novel, The DaVinci Code. Other non-fiction works have sought to document this theory. Setting aside doctrinal issues in the Christian churches, there is simply no preponderance of evidence to validate this idea. While it is not impossible, the liklihood that the biblical accounts of Jesus' life and ministry would ignore such a momentous life story is nill.

    Posted by: baltute
  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene were not married.

    Jesus was not married to Mary Magdalene and Mary was one of his faithful followers and one of the first women to discover that HE had risen and went to spread the word. Jesus Christ is the son Of God and did not take a wife but instead was as pure as snow. HE did not take a wife so as to be able to stay pure and to be able to minister to all people. There is no mention at all in the Bible of Jesus having or not having a wife.

    Posted by: AndreaS
  • I do not believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

    I do not think or believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. If it was true, why do not we find much reference or any kind of reverence towards her in the history? Also, we do not find any reference to Jesus' wife when he was crucified or after death.

    Posted by: SaroM0vi3
  • The Bible makes no mention of Jesus being married.

    The only point of reference for Jesus is primarily the Bible, with that said we have trust that if Jesus were married then it would have been mentioned at some point. Mary Magdalene was important in the story of Jesus but I just don't think realistically that they were ever married.

    Posted by: Gri5Helpful
  • "The Davinci Code" should not be sufficient evidence to believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married.

    The supporting evidence that those who would agree to this claim comes from a movie. I have seen, "The Davinci Code" and the evidence the movie presents using real objects and figures is astounding. Other than informative movies, movies should not be interpreted to create new facts. These movies are meant to either entertain or to raise moral questions.

    Before this movie, Christians never believed Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. Assuming that these two people even existed, our best evidence to the facts of their lives would be the bible. The bible never says that they are married.

    Posted by: 5cr33Kend
  • Greatest love story ever told!

    Christ who was seated at the right hand of God in the beginning as his son had power and divinity and fullness of himself. He did not need a wife to fill complete. He was the one who decided to step down from heaven and sacrifice himself because he loved us that much. He came to earth from heaven for one purpose to take on the sins of mankind because this was the only way that we could enter the kingdom of heaven was threw him and atonement for sin that we could see God the father threw his death we could live again. Christ was God in the flesh he did not need anything on earth to complete him or fulfill by love threw marriage. His love is different than husband and wife. It's a love that God has for us. He loved us so much that he sent his son to die for us. Tell me what mother or father would be willing to give up their son to save others. Yeah it's easy to say that your belief in something you have not seen. Yes but when you fill his love and willing to surrender and ask him to be in your heart to save u from yourself , then you will see by faith and change in my life I know that he exist not on my own accord but truly God was the only one who could save me.

  • No he is true god and son of mother mary

    He was bron by the power of holy spriti and he is the living god ,who will never make a mistake and let his children make a mistake .He is so powerful will help as to only good thing.Then how can he make that kind of thing. He is our saviour

  • Mary Magalene and Jesus debate

    It never said in the Bible. Jesus casted out deamons from here and Jesus never had any relation ships with women in his days. Mary Magdalene and Jesus never had a marrage or another relationships. Mary turned her ways tword good when she saw him and thanked him by being a Apostle of God.

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Anonymous says2013-06-30T22:03:11.367
Where does the Da Vinci code movie get off saying Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene? Give me a break. Everything we need to know is in the Word of God and the bible is the way, the truth and the life. If that had been the case it would have been written in the word. Too bad we live in a society that wants to question the real deity of Jesus Christ and what he stood for. People better heed what they are doing because they will be judged one day.