• It seems so

    Rove's actions seemed directed at both Valerie Plame and her husband. There seems to have been some retaliatory motive since Joseph Wilson made comments about not finding uranium in Africa in an op-ed. Either way, exposing Plame ended her career as a covert agent. Since her exposure, she also probably lost out on other possible CIA careers that required her not to be in the public eye.

  • A deeper meaning

    Yes, his actions were aimed to put an end to her Central Intelligence Agency career, and he did a good job of it. He was wanting to ruin her career and allow his politcal career to kick off big time. Political campaigners always are behind a big scheme to push forward.

  • They denied Libby too.

    Yes, Karl Rove's actions in the Valerie Plame affair was an attempt to destroy her career, because the actions taken against her and the leak were retaliatory. The White House denied that Scooter Libby was involved at first too, and of course, he went on to lie to investigators. Rove's actions were intended to send a message to Valerie Plame and her husband.

  • The whole mess was a political plot.

    It is my opinion that the whole mess was a political plot to get at Joseph C. Wilson, a vocal critic of the Bush administration and Golf War. This is the way politics work in Washington D.C., I am also sure that Rove, and all the players involved, never intended for it to get as out of hand as it did. I am sure they counted on the general apathy of the people as a means to make sure the story never got too far.

  • She Was Just In The Way

    I do not believe Karl Rove's actions in the Valerie Plame affair were simply an attempt to destroy her career personally. Plame was simply in the way and had it not been her, it would have probably been someone else. Plame had done work involving Iraq's purchase of uranium and found that there were no problems, something the Bush administration wanted to use as a reason to attack Iraq. It was her findings that ruined her career and the corrupt politics of George Bush.

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