Were multiple gunmen involved in the assassination of JFK?

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  • Not to mention

    JFKs body angles as he is hit by multiple shots, slamming him backwards, forwards, and to the right side, based upon the impacts it is only logical to claim that there were several gunman, not to mention the chances that a man would open an umbrella, on the same day, as another man at the same presdiential parade, would have a seizure, at the same time that several officers were seen behind the wall were several shots were believed to have been fired, all leads to the same conclusion a coordinated attack iinvolving several shooters.

  • It's possible mutliple gunmen were involved.

    Due to the timing of the shots fired and the type of bullets fired, it is possible there were multiple gunmen. If you consider the number of shots several people report hearing, and different witness accounts, it is likely there were multiple gunmen involved in the assassination of JFK. It would make more sense than a single gunman.

  • The Impacts Were Almost 30 Degrees Seperate

    The fact of the matter is that JFK is dead, however his assassination attempt has led to quite the underground scandal. Boat loads of information have poured into this "conspiracy." Simply put, yes, there were multiple gunmen involved. The degrees of impact with JFK being shot from behind (let's call that 90 degress) and then John Connally who has a bullet pass through his shoulder at 60 degrees. You can't shoot a bullet at a distance to remain hidden with that much difference in trajectory for the incident to have been carried out by one man.

  • No Conspiracy to Kill JFK

    Multiple, modern, investigations have been conducted into the JFK assassination and regarding the possibility of multiple gunmen. Most people that believe the multiple gunmen theory cite the "magic bullet" theory that was originally adopted by the government to explain JFK's bullet wound to the neck, and Governor Connolly's wounds. Said people cite the fact that there is no possibility the bullet could have made a 30 degree turn. However, new investigations have explained this phenomenon. The seat that JFK was sitting in was three inches higher than the seat Connolly was sitting in. Meaning, instead of the bullet traveling this ridiculous path that many conspirators cite as a violation of the law of physics, the bullet travels a perfectly normal, straight, path through Kennedy and Connolly. Additionally, an audio tape of the assassination of president Kennedy has revealed the fact that there was simply only three gunshots. Although eye witness accounts point to different conclusions, audio tapes do not lie. Additionally, eye witness accounts since the dawn of man have always been somewhat incorrect. Our memory is often just simply inaccurate and is often easily influenced by present forces, i.e. people notice the theory of multiple gunmen and look back at their memories and change them subconsciously to reflect this. Finally, the eye witness accounts in many of the new investigations conducted by people wishing to benefit financially from the interest of the JFK's assassination, have taken statements made by the eye witnesses COMPLETELY out of context. Meaning, they write a book called "The True Story of the JFK Assassination" and then take snippets from statements made by eye witnesses in order to point to a conspiracy. And in conclusion, the body movements made by JFK in reaction to the shots were originally used to justify the "four gunshot theory" which has been proven wrong by the investigations into the audio tapes, reflecting the fact that the brain sees what it wants to see, and that JFK's movements are not proof of multiple gunmen,

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