• They may not have been the worst, but just think!

    Though Nazis were not the most barbaric or the first ones to do these horrible genocides, they pulled them off in the worst ways. Going from Kristallnacht all the way to the final days of Auschwitz-Burkineau, the Nazis were terrible people who killed 12 million innocents solely based on the personal twisted ideals of the Fuhrer, that being one Adolf Hitler. Whether it's Imperialism or cruelty, the Nazis were definitely sick tyrants of war as well as power-hungry genocidal apes. While they did do some justified things, there was a lot of things they did that were terrible. Especially within the concentration, labour and death camps of the Holocaust which showed a remarkably terrible work of death on a massive scale. The Nazis grew power and used their power to kill and enslave the innocent.

    "From one Jew to another, you'd better hide before they come to your door."

    The Nazis even killed children--in execution squads, gas chambers, etc.

    Why anyone would defend the Nazi Regime is beyond me. But they still are one of the worst genocidal groups in history (that is in my OPINION).

  • Yes they absolutely were.

    Okay lets get one thing straight I am not talking about the standard German soldiers, both volunteers and those conscripted, who served their nation because they were not too different from those on the other side of the war and they were also heavily brain washed by the Nazi Regime. I am talking about Hitler, Most of the German Command (except probably Rommel and a few others who apposed some of Hitlers evil policies) and the members of the SS (who actually committed the atrocities on Hitlers behalf). These were the ones behind the horrible and systematic genocide of the Jewish people. What you have heard about them is mostly true and accurate. They did commit unspeakable and unimaginable horrors.

    However not all people in Germany at that period were evil. Some were supporters and others enables, but many had no part or knowledge of the terrible war crimes that were going on and others openly opposed them. For example the plots to kill Hitler or when renowned Nazi General Erwin Rommel refused direct orders from Hitler himself to execute Jewish POW's and instead took them to Italian camps were they were treated well.

  • The NSDAP party that controlled Germany was a monstrosity.

    While it is certainly true that the coloration of Germany's past is going to be at least slightly biased due to their defeat, almost all, if not all of respectable historians agree that the National Socialists were an authoritarian, fascist, and genocidal party that killed millions. In fact, while the Holocaust is widely known and taught, the Nazis' brutal tactics in the Eastern Front are largely forgotten, and it is there where more deaths occurred due to Nazi hands than Jews killed by Hitler. While German conscripts were most certainly mislead and forced to fight, anyone defending the political organization of the Nazis most likely has sympathies for the despotic regime.

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  • The nazis were the first to try extermination on an industrial scale

    Between death camps, Einsatzgruppen, Concentration camps, Executions of civilians as reprisals, Execution of partisans, Torture of POWs, Starvation of POWs, Generalplan Ost, Warsaw, Leningrad and many others, I'd wager to say they were far worse than what popular history remembers. That is just the crimes done by them to other nations, I haven't even mentioned the number of Germans they killed because they were leftists or Jewish.

  • They were worse than what we're taught

    The real crimes of Nazi Germany are far worse than what we usually learn in school or by pop-history documentaries.

    The reason for this is that after WW2, The Soviet Union became the new threat. And in order to fight them, The Western powers needed to rehabilitate Germany and demonize the Soviets.

    One of the best examples of this is the Clean Wehrmacht myth: The idea that most of the crimes of Nazi Germany were committed by the SS and Nazi officials.

    This is, Obviously, Not true. The German Wehrmacht played an active role in the extermination campaigns, Especially in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. They raped, Murdered and pillaged their way through Eastern Europe. It is believed that at least one million women became pregnant as a result of rape by Axis soldiers during WW2. Letters they sent home make it very clear that they were fully brainwashed by Nazi propaganda.

    This page is full of annoying contrarians who have this need to feel special by revising historical facts. But the thing with the truth is that it ain't a democracy. No amount of your Nazi apologism is going to change that.

  • Yes there is no excuse

    Why don't you read firsthand accounts of the people who suffered it rather than some pro white alternative "expert".
    They commit crimes and It is some horrible stuff.
    It does not matter if they were forced to follow orders.
    If I was a German I would do everything to stop the nazi. I would not stay silent and write about how powerless I was, I would try and get the truth out and help the allies and free people and target offices.

    Most of the world is messed up because to many cowards care about themselves and do not care about others.
    I am disenting in my mind but still bow to the man, NO they will never be honored history will only remember the brave people who went against them not the ones who facilitated genocide.

  • Well, yeah!! Duh

    Look, I get it, Communism is worse than Nazism, BUT OF COURSE THE NAZIS WERE BAD PEOPLE!!! They killed 6 million Jews, as well as other people. Also, look what the Nazis did to almost half of Europe. Invaded it, then they fucked it up.

    BTW I DON'T believe that former Nazis who are old today should be punished, but back then, they were bad.

  • They were devil.

    How could humanbeing can mass kill another children, pregnan women without mercy? We can argue a lot here, but if we were in that war, killed our parents, little brother and sisters, even baby before our eyes, it is unexplainable. There is no ANY fact or prove any single nazi was a good, but tons of evidence of their brutality, cruel, their devil deeds.

  • Only nazi ustasha were worse animals

    They gassed children,mothers, elderly people. They took twenty minutes to die. Not many of you know that. I have the same tattoo that my grandfather had to remember permanently what happened . Why do people say we should forgive them? We should but we never should allow this to happen again

  • Allied, Lutheran propaganda

    The people who believe this about Nazis (but let's be real, Germans in general) and most Fascists tend to be Lutherans. They're the ones, along with the segregationists such as Broyhill and Hollings who have fed us these lies to divide and conquer people, mentally. It's good that Broyhill (Lutheran scumbag segregationist) was taken a POW. Time to show those Anglo-Saxon and Danes the same terror they were showing to their subjects for years.

  • National Socialists Aren't Evil.

    People who say that Nazis are evil tend to overlook the finer points of the issue. First off it needs to be understood that evil is not an arbitrary force, it is objective and based upon an individuals own ideology. Does anyone really think that the members of the NASDAP were all part of the greatest lie ever told, that they all knew what they were doing was evil, but like some Bond villain they just thrived on the chaos? No, they believed (certainly not all, but surely most) that what they were doing was helping Germany recover. History is indeed written by the victor, but it is resented by the defeated. Germans involved in the Holocaust were very unfortunately misguided into believing that what they were doing was correct, that through there efforts they were helping people, their own families and friends and Germany as a whole.

    Which brings me to my second point, any wrong doings of the Nazis must be pitted against what good they did, so lets take stock. Good: Revitalise Germany after the treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression, turn Germany's economy from one where a single US dollar was worth millions of German ones into one where the Germans almost universally had work and a sense of purpose. Wrongdoings: Killed millions of innocents on the basis of ethnic cleansing and propel Earth into the most devastating war in history. While there is huge disparity between the two 'lists' there are still grounds for comparison. The Nazis did what no one thought possible and turned Germany from a broken scarred and defeated nation into a position of power and affluence that saw many people benefit. Many programs of the German economy took advantage of the 'serve the state' German culture and they proved very successful. Some examples include stuff like the Volkswagen, the Autobahn and a lesser know policy that encouraged workers to work harder by financing a vacation for a worker and his family to another country, usually Italy. On the back of this the Germans really could have simply become an economic powerhouse rather than going to war, but that is a debate for another day.

    The Nazis were not evil. If you want someone who was really evil look at the Mongols or something, because in a relative sense they committed far worse crimes than the Nazis did, though that again is subjective to an individual's own thoughts and that is the crux of the matter. Evil is always subjective to what you believe and while the Nazis committed horrific crimes against humanity, they had their good points to and in the end they are as much a result of the human condition as I or anyone who made read this.

  • Think About Hitler

    He was brave, he helped his country, he loved animals, was a vegetarian. Yes he did bad, but so has thousands of other people..
    You can t just say hes completely evil. Power over took him and he went crazy, but he still loved his family and wife and puppies.

  • We get told specifics not details

    I became interested in this topic, in the beginning I believed Nazis were terrible people who did terrible things for no reason other than to feel powerful. I was wrong.I research the topic heavily and realize that the Nazis only did what they did for their country. They did it for the Germany that they wanted. They did it so one day there wouldn't be anyone who is less than the others. That we were all the same. Hitler and the Nazis had a huge hand in the creation of the autobahn. We also don't learn Hitler's backstory, because if we did that would make it way more understandable. Bestem as a child, rejected by his country and by art school. Germany was all Hitler had. He truly believed that he was doing what was best and in a way he was. He went about it wrong but he wanted a perfect world. He wanted to be accepted. He didn't want others to feel the way he did.

    I now still feel sympathy for the Jewish and other "undesirables" but I've somehow found my way onto the side of the Nazis. Of Hitler. Of that perfect world he so badly desired.

  • They Weren't Evil as Individuals

    The common Nazi person was not evil, but a soldier, unless you view soldiers as being evil. I doubt very many of the soldiers signed up with the soul purpose of exterminating Jews and the free masons and the gypsies and others. Well perhaps the gypsies since they are quite obnoxious. The Nazis before the war were all beat down poor workers. If you were a worker struggling to support his family, wouldn't you want to do anything to save them? Many Nazi soldiers didn't necessarily want to commit evil acts, but rather try and save their families. Some Nazi soldiers were practically slaves, either pull the lever or be shot. I'm not saying what they did wasn't evil, I'm just saying that the majority weren't evil.

  • The Nazis saved germany from being a communist country

    After Germany lost WW1, the country's economy fell, and the jewish people held key positions in the German government, and were in favor with the communists, Hitler formed the NSDAP to counter this, he made Germany progressive, and removed these communist jews from political position.

    Therefore, Hitler was a hero, jews and the Allies tampered with REAL history, jews invented porn and is the parasite of the world, controlling the media, politics, economy, social and the law as of today, case closed bitches, sieg heil

  • Why are there only good arguments on the 'no' side? Because they're right.

    People who say 'yes' are just brainwashed into believing the Nazis were completely evil . You probably think they created the death camps. Well, nope. Even the British used death camps in the Boer war for example. Btw , the British empire caused the deaths of 150MILION people, so think before you cry about 6milion jews.

  • They fought for their country and believed what they were doing was good.

    Every country has at one point in time, commit terrible crimes, Germany no different. Adolf Hitler did do wonderful things for Germany, bringing it out of some of the worst poverty in history, employing millions, rebuilding roads and towns. People saw him as a savior. Think of how fanatical he was, and how uninformed the average person is. Were there bad Nazi's? Yes, most of them were the relatively small number of SS troops, and high-command Reich officers. But the average German foot soldier or citizen I do not believe was evil, just seeking a better future for their country. And in Germany's early experience with Hitler, he had been doing a good job economically, socially and hugely boosted German self-esteem.

  • Alot of Lies

    Many of what you were taught about the Nazis was a lie, told by the allies to gain support for the war. In the time it was then accepted as a fact. For instance, the "concentration camps" were on both sides. America had fewer than Nazi Germany but they still existed. Typically they were referred to as POW camps. However, Since the amount of prisoners in Nazi camps were much higher, the malnutrition, and sickness spread was extremely high. Most of the gas chambers and extermination, were used on people incapable of standing, or being alive for very much longer. In truth the Nazis were trying to save the most hey could.

  • Erwin Rommel The Desert Fox

    Erwin Rommel is one of many Nazi generals who hated the idea of the Holocaust. For example during his North African Campaign whenever he captured Jews, P.O.W.S. Insurgents he sent them to the rear of Army Group Africa, Rommel strictly instructed his soldiers to treat them with the utmost respect, He even spoke out against Hitler many times.

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RepublicanMan says2014-02-02T19:08:31.620
Realistically at either end of the spectrum, the Nazis were some of the worst militaristic power pigs ever to face the planet power-wise. They eliminated 12-13 million innocent people from the face of the Earth in the six years of WWII and the Holocaust. We can argue either side, but more realistically what the Nazis did was in simple definition death on a massive scale. They ruined the planet for generations after the Holocaust. In fact, several genocides took place after the Holocaust because of the problems the Nazi Regime caused. People are still killing each other in Africa because of it! Ever here of the Rwandan Genocide? Yeah, well, the Axis invaded a lot of Northern Africa, which costed many thousands of lives in that area. And since, Africa has fallen apart in several ways. Some parts of Africa lack a stable government. Also, Germany is still in somewhat economic ruins and some laws in Germany are based around Nazi Prevention...That's how bad the Nazis were, they literally made laws in Germany preventing the Nazis from coming back to political power.

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