Were numbers created (yes) or discovered (no)?

Asked by: TurkeyMary
  • A logical tool

    | Numbers are abstract concepts. They are are a set of symbols or names we have created in order to reference the particular ways in which we have observed matter to arrange itself in nature. They are no more a discovery than the names human beings give to one another and even to animals.

    Numbers are an invention, a logical tool.

  • They were created

    Numbers were created as a tool to describe things. Then we discovered that numbers can be used for working out many things in science, life and everything. We created numbers to describe time, length, equations and more. To conclude so we created a tool then discovered useful things with the tool.

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  • Yes, of course they were created

    They are symbols we use to explain physical or conceptual objects or idea.
    We created them to make sense of the universe.
    There are no "numbers" in the physical world. There is no "number" in the ontology of a rock. There is no number within a star. We use numbers to count the objects. Nothing more. There is no interaction we have with them except conceptually. We invent them in our minds when we solve mathematical problems.

    There are many absolutes in this universe, all of them having to do with the physical world or logic.
    Logical absolutes are descriptive, universal absolutes are physical.
    Numbers, being conceptual, disappear when a mind stops imagining them.
    Nothing more complex than that.

  • No way totally..

    Well theres measurement and then there is arithmetic and arithmetic definatly existed before human acknowledgement. Euclid's theorum for instance comprehends the continuity of prime numbers; Euclid's theorum did not invent a boundary depicting that prime numbers stop at 2(13 466 917) -1 or are infinite. Euclid oversaw the continuity of primes but did not create it. I suck at mathamatical proof but here is proof that arithmetic came before humanity - if you were to build a machine which created larger and larger sandwhiches which the machine divided up between the populace it would produce a prime error warning everytime the sandwhich is the size of a prime. It would break everytime and have to be fixed. There is no way a person could create the machine so this did not happen without appreciating that prime numbers occur in numerical sequences. The machine could be built to avoid prime numbers however the occurance of prime numbers cannot be changed. I'm waffling..

  • Numbers are part of the universe

    This is an interesting question. As I see it, numbers are woven into the fabric of the logical universe, essentially in a conceptual realm alongside time and space. All that human beings have done is tap into the concept of numerical ideas, and assign symbols and names to the concepts. However, they are all naturally in existence in this universe.

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