• Religion: 'Nuf said

    I think that if people were as religious as they used to be, the world would be a much better place. Communities were much tighter back then, and society seemed to be a better place. We also wouldn't be dealing with Barack Obama either. That would be the ultimate greatness.

  • Except for McCarthyism and other trash from the Right-Wing, everywhere was nice.

    Whether you lived in Socialism, or Capitalism, life was the same. The family had more respect, and neighbors cared like blood relatives. Despite McCarthyism and trash from the Right-Wing, everything was nice. 2000s was nice (Internet, faster tech, new fuel, etc) however, values were going down and the family was being crippled by lack of values.

  • So much better

    In the 1950s, most people lived in a nice peaceful suburb, and everyone was happy.

    It was both the calm before the storm (the chaotic 60s) , and the calm after the storm (the unprecedented destruction of World War II.

    It was the most technologically advanced time when traditional social values were strong.

  • 100 percent yes!

    Things were so much more simple in the 50's. Families ate dinner together, they sat around the radio together, and some families had a television. The teenagers went to sock hops and hayrides, and they dated in groups. There wasnt as much peer pressure. The families were a unit in the 50's. Now, everyone runs to their rooms and play on the computer, or games. They eat dinner in front of the TV. We have no values.

  • No, it was a dark time!

    Everyone thinks that the 1950s was a glorious, stress-free time. But believe it or not, the 1950s were a dark time in American history. This was the age of the Red Scare, when people were in danger of losing their livelihood because of their beliefs, a lot of people in Hollywood were literally blacklisted for decades because of the McCarthy hearings. This was also the age of segregation, when blacks literally weren't allowed into certain establishments and couldn't even go to the same schools as whites. And lastly, the 1950s was the height of nuclear war paranoia, where everyone lived under the threat of the bomb and spent every waking hour worrying about when the bomb would hit. In some ways the 2000s are worse because of terrorism and other issues, but I think life is much better now.

  • I believe the 2000s were better than the 50s.

    I do believe that the 2000s were a lot better than the 1950s. While the 1950s were kind of seen as the glory days there was a lot more fear with nuclear war and racisim than then in 2000s. Also the technology was a lot better now. We may not have flying cars and such. But atleast we have cheap computers.

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