• Yes, I think the ACM Awards were the best yet.

    I think that every year that the producers of the show try to top their previous best and in this case they did a fantastic job, I think that it is a very well produced awards show that will be hard to top come next year when they host it again.

  • I would say one of the best

    Yes, ACM awards were good this year. It can be said they were one of the bests this year even the critics agreed that these musical awards looked better than ever and almost every one could be seen there which was a good thing. The audience, the hosts and the performers everyone was great.

  • Brad Paisley is more fun.

    No, the ACM awards were not he best yet, because Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are not as funny as hosts are Brad Paisley is. Paisley's jokes with Carrie Underwood were just funnier, especially when they did the tribute to Obama care. Blake Shelton left his wife for Maranda Lambert, and that taints him for me.

  • They dissapointed me

    I didn't really like the last ACM awards. I must say that right after they were over I started to feel really disappointed about the show's quality. I think that common places were the night's special, and the producers' total lack of creativity and cleverness was what defined this mediocre production.

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