Were the Anglo-Saxons and Nordic invaders also the wimpiest?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Ever wonder why they wear masks when terrorizing people (KKK)?

    Especially the first Klan. The second and third, though I hate them did it for decorative reasons. It's that they're wimpy. Napoleon had b*lls. Hitler had b*lls. Mussolini had b*lls. Chamberlain had b*lls. Denmark, on the other hand, surrendered when Hitler tried to invade them. A tomboy is more tougher than the Vikings. Everytime they tried to conquer Europe they got their --ses handed to them, from the Romans, from the Greeks, from the Celts, and so on.

  • I would say all tyrants are equal.

    Though none of them deserve respect, you are wrong.
    Unlike many other groups, the KKK had reason to wear masks. Unlike the others, they were doing something that was considered illegal. The Nazis, and the rest had no worries if they were recognized, but if people of the KKK were recognized they could and would be prosecuted.
    Funny how you look down upon the Vikings. After all,Leif Eriksson had the courage to travel across the Atlantic 500 years before Columbus was even born. They also raided Europe, this was not meant to take over but to steal their goods. In other words, they were leaving anyway. They did not get their *sses handed to them, they got European goods handed to them. Either way, they had the courage to attack vs. Just defend from behind high walls. How many times did England try to attack them? Zero, even though countries of Europe attacked other European nations, they never tried attacking the vikings. Guess they were too afraid.

  • They invaded other countries

    They invaded other countries, what your definition of brave? As for your examples, Hitler committed suicide multiple ways at once because he was afraid of ending up like Mussolini who was caught and killed by his own people when trying to flee Italy.

    Napoleon I agree with, he didn't start out a general, he earned his position through skill and actually leading troops into battle.

    Vikings: discovered new lands, raided powerful neighbors/ launched large scale naval invasions took land from time to time, lived in harsh parts of the world. Death in battle was a requirement for their equivalent of heaven.

    And Adam2 I think your mixing the Viking up with the Germanic tribes each tribe had varying successes and failures against the Romans, the Western empire had collapsed long before the Viking age began.


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I don't understand this question.