Were the British relatively better as a colonial power compared to other countries (Denmark, Israel, Spain)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • At the least, Britain wasn't ALWAYS an empire

    IN all fairness a lot of their colonies were settler colonies or protectorates.

    Granted, early pre-1707 Scotland (yes Scotland, not England, as Scotland's king was the one who authorized the vicious invasions of North America) was nasty without a doubt. But colonial England was pretty much better than a lot of colonies. As far as rapes and other brutalities, relatively unheard of in British history.

    Denmark -- what did they do? Chopped the arms of indigneous civilians during battle (ancient and Lutheran times) in addition to rape. Did this in Danish West Indies, Gold Coast, Greenland, all their colonies.
    Spain -- the same thing as the Danes
    Israel -- the same thing as the first two
    Why? Because they were true empires in the sense.

    Unlike England, which in many cases made settler colonies (some of which weren't even big at first, like New England), similar to how Germany did in Nambia, which they paid the Hereros for their territory, many of the other colonizers did it by conquest and force.

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