• Yes, the Bush tax cuts were good.

    Allowing tax payers to keep any additional portion of their income is good. Taxes are already too high, so these cuts, and continual extensions of these cuts help tax payers keep money in their pockets. This helps stimulate the economy and drives more taxes back to the government anyway. They aren't the offset that causes the government to operate in a deficit anyway. Tax payer may as well keep some money if the government isn't able to make a profit on federal taxes anyway.

  • Bush Tax Cuts

    I think the Bush tax cuts were a good thing. These targeted tax cuts were designed to provide a boost to the economy. In addition, it provided incentives for more companies to stay in America and not push their operations overseas. This helped maintain jobs and help create a positive cash flow.

  • They helped the economy.

    Yes, the Bush tax cuts were good, because they helped the economy. The tax cuts put a little bit of extra money in your pocket in order to buy some extra things, which helped the economy. I remember having a bit of extra cash in order to buy a few extra things. It was helpful.

  • Shouldn't Cut Taxes

    I do not believe the Bush tax cuts were good. We should not have been cutting taxes given the large deficit he left in place when leaving office. It is always widely understood that his tax cuts took some of the burder away from those with more money. This should not have happened.

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