• Heyward Better Off in St. Louis

    Yes. I believe that they were very smart carrying out this trade. It may pose to be more beneficial to Jason Hayward himself, who seemed to be stuck down in Atlanta, a team that doesn't seem to be going anywhere very soon. The Cardinals definitely made the right decision and so did Heyward.

  • Cardinals Trading Up

    In all honesty, I think it was a smart, because though Jason Heyward may not be what the Cardinals need, he's pretty much close enough and maybe the best thing they could get right now. Plus he's a pretty swell upgrade at right field and he has amazing star potential.

  • Yes the Cardinals were smart to trade for Jason Heyward

    I think that the St Louis Cardinals trading Shelby Miller for Jason Heyward from the Atlanta Braves was pretty smart. The Cardinals have pretty good pitching but they could use a strong bat like Heyward has. Remember they lost Albert Pujols a couple seasons ago! I am not saying that Heyward is Pujols but the Cardinals could use that offensive production.

  • No, the Cardinals were not smart to trade Shelby Miller.

    On one hand, it's not hard to understand why the Cardinals went for Jason Heyward. With the tragic, premature death of their very promising prospect Oscar Taveras, the Cardinals needed to find another source of offense. And while Jason Heyward has himself in the past been a promising young prospect, it's impossible to describe his rookie season as anything other than disappointing, and for this reason it was a poor move for the Cardinals.

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