Were the causes and effects of World War II directly related to those of World War I?

  • Debt to the Triple Entente and their allies

    World War I was when the Austro-Hungarian empire (who started the whole war in the first place by declaring war on Serbia) backed out as well as Italy, so Germany was left to fight a war he didn't even start. After Germany lost, he was given a $30 Billion debt he wasn't given a chance to fully pay. His factories were destroyed, as well as homes, and major business industries as well as all the citizens and soldiers who died, therefore resulting in the loss of workers in the work force. Because of this the economic catastrophe along with the fact that most of their money went towards their military, made them start WWII, resulting in the deaths of millions of Jews for the reason that most of them handled a lot of the country's economy. With Hitler rising into power, he was able to manipulate everyone into believing that he could save the country from further economic strife and get them back to their normal lives without thinking about their debt to the allies. Because of his patriotism to Germany, he only cared about pure, Aryan Germans, and killed or mistreated anyone of any other descent who dared to oppose him.

  • World War 1 caused World War 2

    World War 1 caused World War 2. The facts and evidence is clearly pointing to what the effects of World War 1 had on many European countries. After World War 1, Germany was weak and sought to get rebuild their economy, and many countries put a heavy burden on them. Over the years to come, their country ended choosing a dictator to rule over their country and force Germany into another war.

  • War? War never changes.

    The wars may have different names, but wars always do. The soldiers may die, and some live on, but the warrior spirit remains true. Wars always start with the rich and powerful making wagers in land and influence. It is always the poor and desperate that end up paying the balance. They do it with blood, sweat, desperation, desolation, and finally victory or defeat. Was WWI the same as WWII? To the men who died it was.

  • Yes, the suppression of Germany was crucial.

    World War I was a real humiliation for the country of Germany. It was into this environment that Adolph Hitler grew up and decided to take over power, promising that he could make Germany a pure and powerful nation once again. The events of WWII made the nation ripe for this kind of rhetoric and oppression.

  • All about nationalism

    World War I was directly caused by nationalism in Europe, and Germany and its allies lost. The hurt pride of the nation was grievous (far more than the actual fines imposed on them), and the hurt ego and shame, more than the Great Depression, was exploited by Hitler to build a following.

  • It was poor management of the Weimar Republic.

    No, the causes and effects of World War II are not directly related to those of World War I, because World War II was caused by the extremism that grew out of the Weimar Republic. As the Weimar Republic led to massive inflation and ruined lives, they looked for someone to blame. The Jews became the ones blamed.

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